So Bap is officially bisexual

I will probably get hate for asking this but why do you have to make the one of the only 2 black males (Lucio is a South American) a bisexual? There is Doom and Bap; that’s it. For black women, you have a “stereotypical” military tough sounding black woman and a horse robot. Where is the relatable black person you want to have a cup of coffee with… that was Bap. While it’s fine for him to be whatever obviously, it’s just interesting that the one who was the smoothest and coolest personality also happens to be “different” since I guess he couldn’t have been that way plus just a regular guy, right?

Bap was pretty obviously bisexual if you actually paid attention to his interactions with other heroes. Aside from that, does a bisexual or gay character need to conform to certain stereotypes to be gay or bi? What exactly is stopping you from having a cup of coffee with a character who’s still cool and charming?


Nothing stops me from having a cup of coffee because he is bisexual. I was asking where the straight black character was now who you would want to have a cup of coffee with? Sojourn’s personality is horrible, Doom is not the life of the party… who’s left? Robot horse?

Do bisexual black men not go for coffee or something?


Bisexual black men are a thing… Hell, I’m South Asian and gay. Non-white gays and bi ppl exist lol.

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I’m really confused… if you wanted a cup of coffee with someone like baptiste, why would their sexuality change that?

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Hello brother, as a black person myself I was like “heck he’s thrown out hints since release if I actually cared that much I would of stopped maining him a long time ago”

I think the goal here is to treat Lgbt+ like it’s a completely and totally normal thing (which yes) so that means anytime any place any moment someone can be bi, gay, pan and it just is what it is, despite skin color, ethics (pharah is literally from Egypt and we all know how they just adore Lgbt culture).

So like I see what there trying to do I’m fine with it, I guess doomfist is supposed to be the “straight black male” representation… But liiikkeeee hes a international terrorist sooooo not exactly sure why that’s a good idea.

Who knows they’ll probably introduce like another black character and make them straight and part of the Ow team or something that puts him on the “good guy” side but well wait and see.


Exactly my point. I don’t hate any of the LGBTQ representatives. I am saying when it comes to black characters there were already so few… it’s like what they did in Marvel’s Eternals. They had to make the only black male gay. Ok cool but the only one?

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I found this out the day life weaver was released.


Lúcio is a black male. I don’t understand your take.


He’s haitian though. If you mean african descendant there are quite a few people who can fit the bill. Anyway’s nothing wrong with being bisexual. Especially with how many you find in the real world that aren’t out because they may be in heteronormative relationships.

What about doomfist?

I main Doom, but he is kind of an international killer. Not that relatable for me. :rofl:

I’m just not understanding why Bap can’t be relatable because he’s bisexual. He’s still Baptiste. Nothing about him changed?


Why is ANY hero’s orientation/identification even a thing in the game? Is it essential to the story? Does it really let the audience relate to him as we play him in these random games?

You can´t really relate to the video game hero for 100% of their character…right? You aither have culture, race, gender…maybe more of it. But you still got something to relate. Tbh Bap was kinda obvious - he flirts with everyone.

Orisa is a COW!

Same question (as a person, who has nobody to share coffee with). :thinking:

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Point taken on the cow. Everyone keeps saying about Bap still being relatable. Yes all true. He’s still a cool guy. But asked why Blizzard saw the need to do this with so few characters who are black already. I am asking why no other black characters are relatable who aren’t LGBTQ. Is this the only way to make people comfortable around black people? I hope not.

Do you not like drinking coffee with bisexual people? Why is that?

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noble battle cattle :'3

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I will probably get banned, but I just have to say this:
I live in Europe country and I don´t understand this american “black/white” labbel. I find it inapropriate, since this is something colonists used and we see people for their culture they are comming from. Various cultures, which are smashed into a one labbel you folks use. I just…don´t really get it…I am sorry.