So about toxicity what you gonna do on ow2?

“This is my 19th account”
“I reached GM on my 12th account”
“I’m a Genji One-trick I reached masters on all of my 15 accounts”

When I hear this I cringe a lot more than the people who talk rubbish in the game. Some games have IP locks so you can’t make more accounts at the same location you’ve signed on your first one. They should add that feature.

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“The other guy is 100% responsible for this outcome” isn’t any better. Sometimes people are jerks. It sucks, but that’s life. You can either use the options available to you which will reduce their impact on you or you accept that occasionally you’re going to be hit with their BS.

They have literally given you every tools to handle toxicity on your own. Blizzard can’t control how people act.

people say gg after games, that’s equally bad. i can’t believe you excluded such a major component

I don’t agree.

Your basis requires there to have consistent problems in every single match ( or at the very least, the majority of matches ). I personally ( EU servers ) don’t see a lot of disruptive behavior. Althought I will not claim complete ignorance. It obviously does happen but not to the extreme that it is happening consistently or every match like some people claim.

A lot of the time people spend so much time judging their teammates performances that they fail to address themselves and how poorly they are performing.

Reasons like this are why the report function in the game exists. Report, Block, Move on.

Measures like what exactly?
The report system that already exists?
The block specific chat function that already exists?
The chat censoring system that already exists?

What more do you think blizzard can do?

I’d be interested to see what other suggestions you have that could be added that aren’t already in the game right now that I didn’t list above.

Overall the fact is. You can choose to let someones words online get to you and ruin your day or you can do something about it.

The game has plenty of systems ( stated above ) that help people hide horrible abusive messages from both teammates and opposing players.

It’s down to the playerbase to use these systems.

Complaining about What are blizzard gonna do about OW2 doesn’t really help anyone.

The more people report abusive players. The more abusive players get suspended / banned.