So about toxicity what you gonna do on ow2?

Personally I care more about this than everything else.

sick of toxic, sexual, racial insults

sick of people writing ‘‘ez’’ (but I know you need this to raise your little rl ego, I pity you guys, wish best of luck for rl)

sick of people goin afk to troll

you got that endorsment didn’t fixed a thing about this?


It’s almost as if the perfect solution lies within Heroes of The Storm by removing chat with the enemy team but they don’t want to do it here!

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Ye I heard of that, probably (but not sure since I don’t play there anymore) even on league of legends, I think is the best solution.

Sounds more like a “you” problem than a fundamental game problem.

If people are toxic. Report and block.
If people are going AFK. Report and carry on.

It’s not rocket science.


Well obviously it will be a system where players can review behavior and chattings of other players in games, similar to the CSGO OverWatch feature!

Checks notes

Oh, those were my own suggestions. Sorry. Of course they will fight it by:

  • having a great automated report system that not a single human checks. Causing the same problems with it that plague OW1.
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Trash talking is hardly toxic, you can ignore them, not let it get to you. It becomes non-existent. Turn off chat if you cant handle banter. Unplug your internet if you want a quiet safe space.


You can’t control people behind a screen.
It’s 2022 deal with it like everyone. I know it’s sad that people are mean to each others, but all can you do is report them and act mature by not falling for their trash attitude


How about you start from yourself and remove eye for an eye/fight fire with fire mentality from your playbook?

Also hiding chats is the option you’re looking for, but they could definitely improve this feature by expanding on what channels you can mute. Being able to mute match chat, but keeping team chat enabled would be an improvement for those who let the casual trashtalking get to them


You cant do a thing. Trun of the chat and voice. They will have a better ping system. That will help. If you are really have a problem with toxicity and this is your biggest problem… maybe stay away from competitive games. Ignoring them is the best thing you can do. Never. Write. Back. And report them.

considering a lot of matches there is one guy arguings vs eberyone else is hardly ‘‘my’’ problem only

what you say is true, pity it does nothing :slight_smile:

‘‘if you get robbed is your fault’’ I always love this logic

only true thing I read till now, what I mean even report and similar stuff don’t do anything,

you know… the wonders of the automated system

might be weird to you, but there are also good people in this game, don’t see why I must miss them cause the toxic ones.

True I can mute but is amazing how you guys say ‘‘mute em and let em be toxic’’ even by spitting racial slurs. Racism or sexism isn’t a good thing anywhere, not only in online games.

Here there is the chance to ban/suspend these people, pity the automated system is the worst ever seen.

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But this is not relevant to the discussion at all. The only, and I mean the only, option you risk not being offended by anything is not engaging in the conversation which in OW’s case means hiding the chat. Otherwise you will always end up facing something potentially offensive which defines “toxicity” for you

I’m saying this again: Stop being toxic yourself and just pointlessly gaslighting others. It’s obvious that you report them for abusive chat, which is why it doesn’t have to be said at all. Also the report system for abusive chat is extremely aggressive in OW and these players get very easily actioned for repetitive offenses, naturally depending on the volume of reports they receive. If they throw out racial slurs in a match and nobody cares, there will naturally be 0 reports from that. However in the appeal process someone will go through that chatlog and see that, which leads them getting instantly denied of the appeal

Acting like there could be drastic improvement to reducing naturally offensive language without absurd amounts of manual labour is just being either insincere or ignorant of the reality of the situation: which is that it can be hardly improved without the system causing unacceptably crazy and unnecessary issues for normal regular average players. It is what it is

Your best option is self-improvement and even though it might feel like an undesirable option to “take responsibility” for yourself over others’ actions, that is an irrelevant factor to the reality of the binary fact itself


Look internet, online etc etc will have toxicity there is no solution, why cause humans behind screen on toxic.

No one has solved this.

So learn how to deal with toxicity for your individual self.

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how come that now I’m the toxic one lol???

False equivalence.

People talking trash is not the same as someone robbing you, get a grip.


Tell me where I talked about trashtalking ,please.

You directly quoted me, I said trash talking is a non-issue because it can be made non-existent by muting the other person. You said this logic is like blaming the person being robbed, which is insane to be honest.


And I keep asking, beside the fact that trashtalk to me isn’t a good thing either (not on same level of toxicity) and I mute that kind of people, I wonder why trashtalk came into the discussion, when I talked only about toxicity.

The logic (and the metaphor) is about those guys who say ‘‘you feel insulted by TOXICITY? Your problem’’

prob just a misquote, is hard to answer everyone when you can’t do more answers in a row so I’m ‘‘forced’’ to quote everyone

Toxicity is what makes this game and many other games interesting.

Tought that what make a game interesting is to play it :stuck_out_tongue:

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This game is VERY boring to play. Maybe around 2017-2019. Sure. But now this game is just tedious and a chore.