So about toxicity what you gonna do on ow2?

I agree about that but not a good reason to become toxic lol

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The cancel-culture garbage fire that is the report system some people here so happily refer to is what causes a big part of the negativity and frustration in this community. Just sayin’.

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can you explain better? Not english so didn’t get well what you mean =s

They only took away all chat outside of NA

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You ignore it and move on

90 plus percent of the toxicity I experience comes from teammates. I finally disabled chat and regret not listening to that advice sooner.


First, I understand your needs of wanting more updates to the efforts to stop disruptive play, and the good news is that it is coming. Andy B recently mentioned…

Now I will note (and this is my own opinion), that in many cases I don’t see saying “EZ” to fall in the category of disruptive communication unless there is specific context to show they are fully intending to directly abuse specific players. Even then, I think a little salt helps lighten the mood in many situations and that is why match chat does exist. In my opinion, the most disruptive communication comes from team-only channels (team text chat and team voice chat) because players, unfortunately, like to blame others when they see their teammates perform to a certain perception of their own standards.

As far as Endorsements goes, the development team has mentioned that they knew introducing the system would be the first step to help reduce disruptive behavior, and that first step did have a strong initial impact. Of course, the system is not as meaningful today as a good portion of the community, including myself, have continued to have little concern for our endorsement ratings. Thankfully this is why they have confirmed improvements to the Endorsement rating system will be coming soon.




I think the need to remove match-wide text chat really depends on many different factors that are unique to each game. MOBAs, in general, are a lot more easy to throw in my opinion and therefore far easier to provide toxic behavior. And as I mentioned, I don’t see the match-wide text chat in Overwatch often to be nearly as disruptive as team-text chat.

I think getting robbed is a lot more serious than simply dealing with online toxicity.

Then just block the toxic ones and leave the good ones in chat. What is the problem exactly? The toxic people no longer appear in chat and the “good guys” do.

What difference does it make exactly? You can’t see their messages anymore. Let them say whatever the hell they like. The message will fall on deaf ears and they will get banned for their toxicity.

No, this is an everyone problem. The reasoning for this is because experienced, long-term players who consistently see games with at least one other player being disruptive will have an increased likelihood to stop playing (in the gaming industry, this is called “churn”). The same also happens when players who are brand new immediately encounter disruptive behavior in their starting games. So there is a reason both us the community and developers like Blizzard to take disruptive behavior seriously and continue to work to implement measures that discourage, prevent, or effectively correct bad disruptive behavior in their games. For players, this does mean reporting them as you suggest, but it also means that developers do need to continue to work and improve their systems that help stop disruptive behavior.


The Counter-Strike “Overwatch” player-moderation system has both pros and cons. I think the biggest benefit is that helps bring the more serious cases of disruptive behaviors of gameplay sabotage and cheating to the attention of Valve. On the flip side, it’s subject to perceptions of player-perceived meta and strategies, especially when trying to identify who is throwing a match. Scott Mercer did comment on player-based moderation systems and why Blizzard at this time does not use them.


I formally disagree with the sentiment that disruptive behavior happens and there is nothing we can do about it and just ignore it. Video games are meant to be played to have fun, and part of that fun is how we interact with others in these online communities that make up today’s gaming industry. Now I do believe disruptive behavior is always changing, and that is why it is important for social control systems in online games need to be changing and improving as well. The same goes for cheating.

According to Natasha Miller of the Blizzard Global Insights Team, it is discovered through research that only a tiny portion of the community is consistently disruptive (less than 1% of an active player base). As I mentioned in an earlier post, disruptive behavior does negatively impact player churn (how long a player stays playing a game). Finally, surveys and player feedback over the last few years have shown a clear desire and need from a majority of players in a community to have stronger incentives to promote sportsmanship.

“Even if you believe this [disruptive behavior] is the ‘culture’, it’s clear that players don’t want it this way.” - Natasha Miller

So Scorpionfish’s post here is entirely justified and they are asking important questions. We do deserve a better gaming environment that rewards sportsmanship and fair play, rather than allow disruptive behaviors like throwing, cheating,or abusive chat to survive. I will be critical and say Blizzard has a long way to go, but I am hopeful meaningful changes are coming soon that will benefit all of us.

I strongly encourage all of you to check out this panel from the 2019 GDC conference to learn more about disruptive behavior and how it can really impact the games we play:


You can disagree formally or informally but the truth is you cant do much about it.

Community policing doesnt work.

Unless digital accounts require a certain level of identification process, and proper laws are enacted and enforced you cant do much.

All you will be doing is introducing salt trying to moral police self police etc.

Im not talking whether the people who are toxic are majority or minority ofcourse they are a minority its common sense why do you need to employ a researcher and waste money for that.

Its a obvious statement.

You cant enforce anything unless your in a position of power, the only position of power you can get in internet is if you have proper identification, then only you can talk about policing, for both these things a game developement company or for that matter even the faang companies cant do this, cause this requires actual policy making by various governments and then enforcing.

Right now the virtual worlds arent taken seriously mainstream, down the lane once things like metaverse etc happen and the politicians realise the realness of these virtual existence then we can talk about this.

Other than that all you will be doing is meaningless research, debate and people just back patting each other.

TLDR; I would much rather blizzard spend time on much needed development of the game and content, than wasting resources on another endorsement system that will fail or useless researches wasting money to state obvious.

The disruptive toxicity never comes from the enemy team, there’s nothing they can do to hurt your performance and there’s no reason not to simply mute them.

On the other hand, I find the enemy team are actually usually where you’ll find more positive interactions and ironically often even end up defending off-meta picks from their own teammate’s harassment. Match chat > Teamchat any day.

What a load of made up garbage. So then tell me why are these threads made all the time if it never happens? You think your own team says “DIFF or EZ” to each other?

Your username gives me a chance to point out Riot admitting there was a problem going on with their game and actually doing something to address it instead of ignoring or denying it like you and many others here.




"While /all chat can be the source of fun social interaction between teams, as well as some good-hearted banter, right now negative interactions outweigh the positives. We’ll evaluate the impact of this change through verbal abuse reports and penalty rates, as well as surveys and direct feedback from you all.

Regarding that last one, we’re aware that verbal abuse happens in team chat too, so disabling /all chat won’t get rid of abuse altogether. But team chat also plays an important team coordination function, so the potential value it brings is much higher, even if it can also host some negative experiences.

But we believe the tradeoff is worth it to cut down on the growing negativity /all chat has been creating in your games."

If only Blizzard could realize that for this game instead of making up excuses or relying on their flawed report system which only causes new accounts to be made so they do it again and again. Oh wait maybe that’s why they won’t do anything!

“EZ” and “Diff” may be slightly annoying but they aren’t the game wreaking experience that comes from your teammates screaming their heads off in team-chat and throwing over hero choice. Also, yes actually, I see teammates saying “Diff” and blaming a certain role over their loss every-time I play.

Riot’s decision wasn’t exactly widely praised by the community either, it was rightly called a band-aid “fix” that did next to nothing to address the bulk of toxicity and removed player choice for no reason other than to pretend they were doing something. People can already disable match chat by default if they’re more sensitive as while as block problem individuals with zero negative impact on performance, you can’t do that with your own team.

Actually addressing the problem would mean introducing things like voice chat monitoring and putting substantially more resources into identifying and properly punishing problem players. It would also mean finally admitting that smurfing is indeed a legitimate problem and banning all the hordes abusing and subverting the system.

This isnt minority report broseph, you cant pre-emptively stop people from saying things the other person would find offensive and hurtful. What if the person finds literally everything offensive? Ban everybody that says anything ever?

Yet it still got to the point where they had to resort to removing it for everyone. Really makes you think doesn’t it? Disabling it for yourself doesn’t stop them from continuing to do it. Disabling it for all DOES. It’s a very simple concept that you all don’t understand.

Stick your heads in the sand and claim it doesn’t happen with chatting with the enemy team all you want, but the sooner they put in this solution to fix toxicity with this game the better.

We have absolutely NO reason to chat with them.

World of Warcraft? Invented languages so you can’t chat with the other team in PVP.
Heroes of The Storm? Rightfully did away with it because there’s nothing but immature players online these days.
Oh what we should keep it in for the sarcastic "GG my team won and yours didn’t?
Those letters have lost all meaning nowadays and are a relic of a time when Blizzard games were good. In fact I don’t think I ever remember anyone saying GG EZ way back then. The earliest example of someone saying that in a game? League of Legends. Riot removing chat with the enemy team was long overdue.

Only those trash talking and harassing others want chat with the enemy team want it to stay but they don’t want to admit that reason.

If they don’t have to focus on text reports from the other team anymore maybe they can deal with all the issues with team chat more often.

Well really the difference is whether you say it in team chat vs match chat.