Smurfs ruin Overwatch

Surely you can see why it’s easy to Press X to Doubt your “civility”?

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As I’ve said in other threads and I’ll say it again. I can’t remember the last time I ran into a smurf. I think you are identifying players as smurf who actually aren’t and if you happen to run into one it will be a rare occasion, so no, they are not ruining the game.

once again taking bits of the statement and not the entire thing I see… Sighs I see you are also running out of gas… lol Literally if you can’t fix the problem what is the point in getting on forums and posting about it, yes they read their forums, but they are too busy trying to balance heroes buff others, and prepare for OW2’s release to be trying to solve a smurf problem, the quote “Just tell me how does it sound in any way intelligent” I was referring to the simple fact that complaining to strangers about a problem , that not only 1000s of other posters have made hasn’t been solved doesn’t fix it , yet you think your post will fix it? you either have a high god complex or can’t take hard truth very well, and either way I pitty you, simple as that, it’s not healthy to hold grudges on people who are complete strangers that are doing something a bit underhanded in a game, as for if I’m a smurf or not check the account clearly I’m not, as for my civility I never stated to be a gentlemen I simply said have a nice day, assumptions of my character is your own fault not mine.

It turns out the only way to influence the situation so that honest players stop buying games from Blizzard. I bought a lot of games from this company, I also paid a lot of money for cards in Hearthstone! It is necessary to stop paying money to this company, then they will think about it.

LOL, nice try with the “it was taken out of context” card. Even if I did quote your entire statement, that does nothing to make the sentences I quoted less than “civil”.

Ah yes, more wonderfully “polite” discourse from you.

Well since you apparently love semantics so much, none of us said you were a gentleman, either. So I don’t see why you would even mention it.

What you DID, say, however, was that you were polite. Which you have now completely proven was an outright crock.

The structure of Competitive play, promotes good players to create new accounts. Until it no longer benefits them to create new accounts, the problem will exist.

Once again trying to be the brash person of a disagreement, please by all means continue this that way this waste of a thread is deleted I look forward to it~

The point I’m making is simple I stated that it is stupid to complain about something YOU can’t fix and instead to try and work on how YOU handle the issues of dealing with smurfs because its YOUR fun and YOUR money YOU spent on the game.

Now see there? I made the parts that have you in it so you can understand where I’m coming from more lol, bottom line is this, don’t let someone or a video game control your emotions, if you choose to take what I say as a contridiction I could honestly careless, I stated it blunty how I felt while hoping you to have a nice day, if you take that as a pimp slap to the mouth, well sorry I guess. lol

Which I proved wrong by stating that one of the things the development team looks at is community feedback.

We see where you’re coming from. It’s just nonsense, that’s all.

You seem to think that if someone disagrees with you then they don’t understand.

It sure does seem that way from the way you try to be little my opinion just because it’s not the same as yours, however let me ask you this if you have so much faith in the devs, don’t get me wrong they are very good compared to some games, however the smurf issue has been going on since 2017 for OW, we have had new characters, new events, skins, emotes, and even a new game to be released, yet no solution to this problem…? I rest my case , now once again have a nice day.

yea you lost me there, ah yes smurfs are good love it when i just bought the game playing n a gold game and getting facefuked by a top500 widow , smurfs are the worst when youre new or just below diamond , when i was new to the game i had a smurf n the enemy team every game how is that good for the game?

If Blizzard introduced a subscription fee for accounts or sold new heroes, this would greatly help in solving this problem. A one-time purchase is a mistake!

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I’m not the one who questioned whether or not someone else’s opinion is intelligent or claimed if someone else had a god complex.

LOL, if this is the best logic you can come up with, then I guess any problem should just stopped being complained about after a few years?

It took them 3 years to put in Role Queue, but I guess everyone that complained about 3 DPS and 0 Supports on a team since 2016 should have stopped, huh?

I really, REALLY hope you actually think you rested your case with this argument because if so… :rofl:

The point is very simple, they have too much on their plates already, they are constantly buffing and nerfing heroes, designing new outfits for the ones in the games, new maps, and event skins, plus also creating a new game , and along with all this they try to make sure that the game is balanced for both overwatch league and casual players, as for your rude little rebuttal of a statement at the end, the point being is there is simply too much stuff that they work on at one time to be concerned with how and lets hear you say it with me YOU handle playing the game, if YOU let strangers be in control of how YOU have fun at a video game YOU paid for then YOU need to make some changes to your attitude. Because it’s way easier for YOU to deal with smurfs if you get over the fact instead of constantly trying to complain on forums about it, they get it smurfs are a problem, every online game has this problem… they all get it… but once again they are concerned with keeping the game relevant and fresh for people to keep playing, not for how you deal with smurfs, that’s on you, if you can’t handle someone inting and brutally beating you down, that sounds lieka you problem literally been in bronze for 2 year and just recently got out of it, but never complained about the smurfs in my elo, I just kept going, because I knew that they wouldn’t fix the smurf problem any time soon so I had to change how I viewed them. I suggest you try this out since you clearly have an issue with them. now once again YOU have a nice day now~

That isn’t for you to decide.

Hilariously hypocritical.

LOL imagine being a Mercy player with a Level 2 Commendation and thinking you can attempt to rank shame anyone :rofl:

You can repeat this as many times as you like.

You think I’m rank shaming now? lol alright I can see you have divulge into just trying to belittle me and its been clear since literally every post for the past 3 you have made has had nothing to do with the subject at hand, so I’m just gonna do the smart thing and ignore you cause I’m not letting YOU be in control of MY emotions, maybe you can take a page from it with your little smurf problem~ lol :joy:

You’re the one who tried to assume I’m Bronze or something. :woman_shrugging:

Don’t throw stones if you live in glass house.

I’m not the one who keeps saying “Good day” and then keeps coming back when their ego gets bruised. :rofl:

EDIT: See?

OH my god apparently you can’t read since I SAID I WAS IN BRONZE FOR 2 YEARS lol

Lol, no. Apparently you can’t type.

Can’t blame me for misreading what YOU mistyped. :rofl:

Mmmhmmm sure… lol so me stating earlier " check my profile its clear not a smurf been bronze for 2 years." just flew right over your head I take it then? nope nope nope know what im walking away lol have a nice day

Actually, yeah, since that was still horrible typing.

Best decision you’ve made all thread. :rofl: