Smurfs ruin Overwatch

Is there a place to shame or do anything about toxic smurfs that tea bag every kill since blizzard wont do anything?
To be clear I belong in my rank “high plat - low diamond” but frustrates and ruins the game when I have a smurf admitting they are a smurf then tea bagging and being toxic the whole game and then losing to them. Honestly nothing feels worse in this game than being helpless in Overwatch because some GM wants to feel good about themselves and stunt on some casual Plat-Diamond.


Smurfs are good for Overwatch as people want to play with friends. 75%+ of smurfs aren’t negative. I wouldn’t play this game as much if it weren’t for smurfing with friends.


They ruin the experience for everyone else man, no one likes to just get clapped by some GM you are part of the problem if you support that dude.


I support the game as a whole, and more people will play if they can play with friends. The game will normalize them at around 50% winrate overtime, the only problem players are those who throw and carry specific games to hold SR.


yeah im sick of it too. Alt-accounting destroyed this game in Overwatch and Blizzard had the same issue with alts in World of warcraft once they did Heirloom gear.

The players could easily BOOST through the game and didn’t learn their classes. Here, it is sort of the same thing. Only much worse. In 11 hours of gametime a player can jump into Competitive play and be placed in GOLD and either drop or go UP in their rank.

placements have NOT saved the game and do nothing to curtail the issue.


The game is dead currently, so honestly it’s the best time to Smurf/Alt and learn some new heroes or try new playstyles.
OW2 will be releasing later this year so, everybodies killing time or preparing for that.
Smurfs/Alts are the result of a dying game, and they go on to kill the rest of the non Smurf/Alt playerbase. :woman_shrugging:

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It’s alive and well, actually doing very well for it’s age.

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I’d QUIT giving them money. There is private profiles. just turn it on and let the game coast.


Honestly that is all they are doing i have played OW since season 2 but its just not fun anymore with smurfs man. Like i dont mind losing it can be fun to lose when its a close game I just dont like being absolutely dominated half of the time or having the smurf on my team is not fun. I just want I a fair close game yeah know :frowning:


Ah yes, I so regularly see the level 6 Hanzo smurf playing with friends (not) or the level 20 widow smurf grouped up and just playing like a little fast and loose (not) because they understand that playing with their friends has put them at a distinct advantage over the players who are below their skill level (not.)

You don’t seem to understand what a smurf even is, let alone be willing to consider the fact that it harms the ecosystem of the game.

Riddle me this: if every match you play in Overwatch is literally unfair in some way, is that a game you’d classify as fun?


Look at OWL you cant confidently say that the game is doing well when the competitive side is crumbling to the ground. These games live and die by the competitive scenes. Don’t get me wrong I loved the game and have thousands of hours in it but like :grimacing:

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Get ready to have a bunch of jamokes assume that ‘the problem is you’ and other Big Brain responses that totally haven’t been repeated ad nauseum in the forum, because parroting back trite responses to issues is totes cool man!


I barely have an issue with this, and ranking up/down quickly is extremely important so that someone doesn’t just stay the same rank, there needs to be progress. Also 11 hours is a lot of time.

Simple facts here. You don’t need an Alt account to play with friends because there is modes like Casual and Arcade that you can hop into to play with friends if your rank matters to you that much. Not need for alts. Seriously. Quit trying to make up silly excuses. If you just limit yourself to one mode such as “ranked” then you’re a fool.


To me, a smurf is a player who throws games to maintain a low SR just so they can have some fun dominating games. Outside of that the matchmaker will calibrate them properly.

The naivete is strong with this one…

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I’ve got 1,700 hours logged on this game and most other games i give about 2k or 3k each. I’d say a player needs at least 100-200 hours before they are qualified to fully appreciate and grasp the concept of ANY game before entering its competitive-mode features.


Ranked is the game whether you like it or not, and they will rank properly in most cases.

From my understanding. While the definition of smurf does include someone such as that. It is most commonly seen as a low level new account that is made to take advantage of the MMR system of any mode since it is seen as a Noob to the game yet they clearly are not and stomp people regardless of being a level 11.


Not true, that is too much time for talented players to wait.