"smurfing isnt a problem"

Just going to paste this here…

There’s a large difference between a consistent Master’s player and a low diamond player. Are you in Masters? Is this why you can attest to this? I can’t tell because your profile is private. I’m assuming you must be though, because I can’t imagine why someone would claim to know something they know nothing about.

I get multiple smurfs nearly every game in Masters. I can take screenshots the next time I play, if you like.

Smurfs in Masters and there is only Grandmasters after that. Okay.

I don’t get what the big issue is.

I never play against smurfs and it frustrates me.

I always want to play against people that are better than me.

Thats how you improve!!

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“Dont deserve to win games if u cant beat players who are clearly much better than you”

Entirely dependant on the hero that smurf is playing, the role your locked into and your own teams approach to the smurf but ok.

“Slightly higher rank”

Diamond to GM probs has a bigger skill gap than bronze to diamond

Did u think before typing this lol


Are you that kind of person, that would remind teacher about homework?


What kind of question is that? if there was a topic in school or wherever that I had a keen interest in I wouldn’t wait for homework or ask for any. I’d give myself my own homework to improve my interest and actually learn something.

Teachers don’t give homework to anger children / students.

They give it to help them learn outside of school time.

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I guess you’ve never heard of top 500? Do you think the SR scale stops at 4,500?

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You cannot possibly expect TOP 500 to play all day all of them at same time so you constantly keep getting them.

P.S: Smurfs are an excuse for not being able to climb. Prove me wrong. :coffee:

It always astounds me when people make such bold assumptions of something they know nothing about. I mean, you’re 2,500 SR. You’re over 1000 SR below me. You would think you would take my word for it since you’ve never been at this level. But that’s not what you do. Instead you claim to know the truth better than me. How exactly? What’s your source?
According to Jeff, Masters is the top 3% of the population. Grandmasters is 1%. And top 500, is well, top 500. Just based on those numbers alone, due to the small pool of players from which to pick with, yes, you are going to get the same players over and over. The LARGE majority of top 500 players have multiple accounts. Usually not just two, but several or more. ML7 has, like…8 accounts or something crazy? And the majority of them are top 500. There are tons of players just like him. Every time i’ve come across a clearly extremely talented smurf in a game and I ask them what their main is, they always say their peak is top 500. Could they all be lying, every single one of them? Sure. But I think that’s much less likely, especially considering the fact they’re clearly more talented than anyone else in that game.

Again, if you’re insistent on being this stubborn and ignorant i’ll happily “prove you wrong” with screenshots later.

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If you are better at game than some smurf, then he is not smurf anymore, isn’t he???

Smurfs are not smurfs because they said “Today, I am an Overwatch God” and sat there at PC for few hours and got to TOP 500. They played the game for long time. Some people can do that everyday and do just that. Which is actually a good life lesson if you want to be good at something. It’s dumb that it’s a game but what the hell, young people have a lot of time.

I was in Silver tier for long time and then I wasn’t anymore.
I played enough to improve (all tho it was just 2 months for me but hey, I also work full time). I changed something. Worked on flaws.

If I was in your place, I would want more smurfs to happen, not less. I am quite sure that smurfs don’t happen all of sudden once you reach specific SR because people claim having smurfs in every tier. Smurfs are challenge. You try to overcome a challenge.

I also have an alt account. I also got comments that I am a smurf. I have 2800 SR on that account. So, I am a Smurf to a Bronze or Silver player. It’s quite the pattern.

What is the difference between having a smurf in Masters and having a smurf in Silver tier? Color of the smurf hat and that’s it, if you ask me.

After this being said, are you going to tell me that it’s something different in Masters?

Also, I do not understand the following:

"I have smurfs in my games and I am not getting a fair match and I cannot learn anything".

What are you going to learn from a match that has no challenge? You are just going to repeat what you already know. You should try to defeat smurfs even if you are sure that it’s a complete failure in doing so.

I hope you understand that in doing so, you are supposed to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Is that why you always say that smurfs are not a problem? lul


Alright so your english is a bit broken so I apologize if I misinterpret some of what you’re saying here.

What’s your point here? I’m not sure how this is relevant at all. Me personally being better than a smurf doesn’t change anything about the fact that he’s a smurf.

Okay again…i’m not sure what your point is here. Are you telling me how smurfs got good at the game? Again, i’m not sure how that’s relevant to this topic.

That’s great, good for you.

The first point of yours that’s actually relevant. I love challenges too. And if OW were a 1v1 game, I would agree with you on this point. Bring on the big boys, I want to be sh*t on until I get better. But it’s not a 1v1 game. It’s a team game, with heavy emphasis on the team game. I want victories to be determined by who has the best teamwork, not who has the most/best smurfs.

Yes, you are a technically a ‘smurf’ by playing in Bronze when you’re meant to be in Silver.

Yes, I am. The skill differential between a Bronze and Silver player is pretty much nonexistent. You likely aren’t making much of an impact by smurfing in Bronze as a Silver player. It’s really just about “who makes the most mistakes” at that rank. There’s a HUGE difference between a consistent top 500 player (where the pros are) and a Masters player. A Masters player is usually talented mechanically and has good game sense, but they’re not consistent. A top 500 player is able to compete with pros, meaning they very, VERY rarely make mistakes and their mechanics are top notch. You will lose nearly every 1v1 you take with this person. If they choose to share their game sense with their team and communicate, their teamwork increases tenfold.

You’re contradicting yourself and you don’t realize it. You act like smurfs make a small impact. You know how streamers/pros make those “Unranked to GM on ___ hero in ____ days”? How are they able to do those so efficiently if they aren’t making much of a difference? Shouldn’t they be losing a bunch of those games if your argument was correct?


It’s a distant dream at this point. Skill beats teamwork, even while it should be other way around.


Try being bronze, guaranteed endorphin boost for smurfs from literally every other rank.

Supposedly Soma is bronze and is oblivious to all the smurfing problems

Maybe it’s just me but at bronze I would be suspect of a McCree that consistently head shots me from across the map

I can just speak for myself…

I was a bronze player, never really liked competetive bc of the lack of role Q in the old days.

I played countless hours of qp (ow beeing my first pc fps) where at some point i got myself to very very low gold.

Played countless more qp with a plat and 2 dia friends (they even peaked masters)

After i went back onto solo queu comp i was often accused of smurfing even though i reached a new peak with every win.
It kinda felt like smurfing bc i saw myself playing much better than the rest.

Also another friend joined ow (played thousands of hours in tf2 pc) and his mccree was absolutely nuts while beeing at lvl 5

Just my input and story

Jesus Christ, 628 sr? Probably explains your comment and how stupid you are.