"smurfing isnt a problem"

https:// imgur .com/0t4H0oz.jpg

VERY COOL. In 7 of my last 10 matches I have faced against a sub level 100 smurf DPS absolutely destroying my team.

These people are the absolute bottom of the community and it speaks volumes to corporate greed that this stuff is allowed and condoned.

I just want to play the damn game in my own lane.

here comes Soma not understanding what a smurf is again


Lol , what is his peak on his other account ? (probably also diamond).

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If there was a dense olympics you’d have the golds of a DPS Moira in QP


You posted a picture of someone saying they wanted to tilt diamond players and said they are at their ‘peak on their main’ but no idea what that peak is. Well he got his wish as you are here whining as you got killed by another player in a game about killing each other.

Smurfs are not a problem. I will stick with that view as I have yet to get ‘titled’ due to any player in my games, I play for fun, do my best and enjoy my games.


I like how you literally predicted it.


Not in your games. In my games they are. We’re playing different matches here. Can you not comprehend that different levels have different experiences?


They saw ‘Soma is replying’ at the bottom of the thread as I was typing out my response when they added that.


It would say that they edited the post then.

Also you can’t see peoples names when they are typing, only their player icon.

So yes they predicted you.


The problem is this - if each Diamond+ player has 3-4 accounts, they are cementing the skill level by weighting it against players with 1-2 accounts. This is a big problem and its in part why you see older players often falling in tiers - the smurfing/alting frequency is the part of the problem (not all).


…which is why you’re in Bronze and will stay there. I can’t fathom someone being this blatantly oblivious. Like at some point you should take the word of tons of players who play at a competitive level when you never have. Your “view” comes from complete ignorance.


Blizzard could have helped future proof this issue by examining how other competitive games combat smurfing issues…

But then again it’s also Blizzard, who didn’t want to lose out on all that extra money from people buying multiple accounts. So smurfs are abundent, and streamers/youtubers STILL make bronze to GM videos


Just lost another game to a McCree smurf!!! Level 30 teehee!

I had so much fun dying.


If you edit the post quickly enough after posting it, it doesn’t say that.

If you hover over the icon it tells you who it is.


They probably are not going to do anything about smurfs because they use skill(an obtainable and completely intended to be used by the devs) to win the games. Its just like how twinkers use items and locking their level to a specific frame to dominate a match.

What can get them banned:
Glitch Abuse

if you’re in diamond you should be able to deal with 1 GM player in your games at this point, not to say it doesn’t suck, but you really cant expect to deserve to win games if you cant beat one player who is in a slightly higher rank than you


That oft-cited comment from Jeff is quite dated now.

He’s since admitted that smurfing is a problem and that they’re working on solutions but not to expect any resolution until around Overwatch 2 launch.

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Except for the fact that they’re taking that skill and using it in lower tier matches in which they clearly shouldn’t be.

A high tier player in a low tier match has an unfair advantage over players actually at those lower tiers, and according to Blizzard anything that gives an unfair advantage is cheating.


Oh that’s good to hear. Do you know off hand when / where he might have said that?

It was here:


Yes you did, because you “learned from him”.