Smurfing is cheating

When reporting a player, Overwatch itself defines cheating as “any activity that results in an unfair advantage.” Diamond players in a Bronze match have an unfair advantage. Smurfing is cheating, period. Smurfs must receive hardware and credit-card bans. Blizzard’s neglect is the real problem with Competitive.


Wow, what an original and never seen before topic.

We already have the stance of the devs on smurfs, time to move on.


Smurfing is garbage but they’ll never ever do anything about it. WoW has had multiboxers for years, where people buy multiple accounts and stack the characters on top of each other all doing the same attacks. You get hit by 4-5 enemies at the exact same time and explode. If they never did anything about that they’ll never do anything about this.


If they’re throwing to stay in lower ranks it’s cheating.

If they’re just on a new account “on their way” to the rank they’re supposed to be in- it’s not.

They’re still jerks, however. And I have no sympathy if they get mass flagged and banned for doing it by their peers. So. Shrug.


Easy solution: link all accounts bought with the same card. New account, same SR.


According to Jeff’s recent post, they are trying to stop smurfing, but it’s a hard problem because of consoles. So, they don’t have a solution yet and don’t expect to until after OW2 is out.

But they are against it.


I don’t think that solution works. I’ve bought accounts for people. They aren’t me. They shouldn’t have my rank. Then you’d have a much worse problem with easy boosting because a GM player could buy and sell accounts without even having to grind them up.

I proposed the solution of increasing the investment time required to access comp. Just make it harder to get a new account into comp by requiring more time in QuickPlay. It’s a deterrent not a full stop, but it should stop some.


Yes Activision (Blizzard) is going to ban a card that gives them money.

This has been your FOX news update!


Can you explain to me how the Diamond player has an advantage?

In a bronze match? Isn’t that obvious?


Nope, I don’t see how they have any special advantage. Theres 6 people,2-2-2 on each team. Whats the advantage?

Does the Diamond player some how get extra dmg for being diamond?

OK, I really thought it was obvious. I’ll explain.

Let’s actually increase the SR difference just to illustrate the point more clearly. Let’s say there’s a top 500 player who gets a Smurf account in Bronze. The skill difference between them and the bronze players is such that simply by existing on the team guarantees a win. They are so much better that they are capable of carrying and none of the other players really matter.

It’s like if an NBA star went and played on a middle school basketball team. It really wouldn’t be fair.


Absolutely not, see post below

And jeff also made a post on the forums a while ago saying alt accounts are fine but derankers are not.

OP makes no mention of console so I don’t think what Jeff recently said about alt accounts on console really applies.

On PC it’s not a problem, end of story.

Ahhh I think I understand, the player is better than them so that means they’re cheating, sounds about forum right.

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Here’s a more recent post. They appear to have changed their minds from 2 years ago like they have on many things.

If you are purposefully playing in a rank you don’t belong to stomp players who are worse than you then yes. Do you think an NBA player belongs in a middle school game? No, they belong in the NBA playing against players of similar skill.

This is why we have a matchmaker in the first place. It’s the whole point.


It’s more like throwers should banned, you know some people throw just to stay at a lower rank just to stomp the enemy team. That makes them feel “good”. Such a shame.

Yes, and again OP didn’t mention console at all.

Thats kinda hard to work around tho. Because there are so many defining factors to deal with Smurfs. All you have to do is make a new email and have ur main signed in to play (from xbox perspective). People may say to ban all acounts coming from a certain IP Address or whatever, but How do they know its actually the smurf and not some random friend actually just genuinely trying the game, or the address is linked to a shared apartment complex whatever. (Im not very knowledgeable at this kinda stuff so feel free to correct me but even so this is some complicated stuff)

We all know they threw to get down to bronze.

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