Smurfing is cheating

Why? What about “consoles” makes it hard?

Blizzard is confident their matchmaker works in quickly moving people on alt accounts to their correct ranks, and they supposedly have evidence to back it up.

So they don’t consider having an alt account cheating. Throwing on an alt account is reportable though, obviously.

Pre-paid visa cards.

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Report it under gameplay sabotage.

The smurf isn’t abusing game mechanics or 3rd-party resources to gain an unfair upper hand

Cheating is for hacks and stuff.


Iirc, smurfs on consoles are a huge problem because you only have to buy the game once and can continue to make new profiles for “new” accounts. So it’s basically free smurf accounts for everyone.

They can post it if they want. It’s not any different from the many other threads repeating the same thing over and over.

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If they’re throwing games so they can artificially keep their rank low so they can play against lower level players on purpose at their discretion

They are abusing in game “mechanics“ to give themselves an advantages, id argue.


smurfs do ruin comp, that’s for sure. They make the community toxic too cause the other teams getting rolled and flaming eachother.

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Bar the new profiles from Competitive.

This is the crux of the issue: if Blizzard wants the players to treat Overwatch as a real competitive game, Blizzard has to treat it that way.


That’s small.
More like Bronze Smurf in Diamond. Blizzard is fault for anchor stats.

Actual smurfing is far, far less prevalent than the forums thinks it is. Berating people in-game who have less than two stars and are also performing well while labeling them as smurfs and encouraging the lobby to report them is much more common in my experience.

People are allowed to perform well. It doesn’t take hundreds of hours, especially for someone who has lots of general gaming experience. It doesn’t make them smurfs.

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So drinking beer is cheating too?

Its an activity and it provides an advantage


I’m not talking about somebody who is merely performing well. I’m talking about one player who played Genji, Doomfist, and Tracer well enough that six players struggled to even land a shot, much less kill them. I know a smurf when I see one, and I’m pretty sure you do, too.

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I do know them when I see them but they’re rare and I’m on console where alt accounts are free so I should see more of them than PC players but I still don’t. And sometimes they’re actually just on new accounts for legitimate reasons and are trying to win their way up to where they belong. For example, when I was leveling up my PC account after a few hundred hours of play time on my console account, I got accused of being a smurf often, mostly when I was playing DPS heroes. Really, I was just trying my hardest so the matchmaker would match me correctly but that doesn’t matter to some folks.

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i know smurfing is cheating therefore i report it…


With consoles you can create new accounts really easily without paying for them.

why are people on this thread trying to defend smurfs lmao what

y’all rly think intentionally playing at a rank lower than yours because you get some kind of sick pleasure beating people who aren’t as good as you makes you good?


It is. But Blizzard doesn’t want you to report the smurfs. Cuz they’re pro’s and they do not want pro players to stop playing the game. They’re holy in their eyes.

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The problem lies also in players that are inconsistent. I was once Plat on Reaper. Through a series of bad placements, getting unlucky, and tilted, this account has dropped to Bronze. Am I a smurf? Probably not. Even though I’m better than the average Bronze or Silver player doesn’t mean I can always carry. I think until you actually hit Diamond do you have the ability to consistently carry. Plat and below is just, idk, you get lucky sometimes. You’re probably not referring to those players being smurfs though.

A top 500 player will never really play with bronze unless throwing. Smurfing is fine throwing is not.