[SMS Rant] Want my account?

I sure as heck can’t get any use out of it.


Months ago there were just a small number of us letting Blizzard know this was going to be a bad choice. They completely ignored us, but now that it’s official and there’s A LOT more pushback, maybe they’ll start listening.


Sounds about right for modern Blizzard.


Alts and smurfs are the same thing and ruin the integrity of the game. Blizzard has shown they agree with me and I welcome the change. People that refuse to get (or cannot get) a compatible phone number are not this game’s intended audience; yet another welcomed change.


This is very elitist of you and i can assure you that a lot of people IS the audience target for the game yet they’re gated because of an outside factor they never expect would influence their game time

The target audience is literally anyone who wants to play, saying otherwise is seriously disingenuous


but why you gotta say welcomed change like that? they’re all heroic martyrs who will get purged for the sake of competitive integrity.


I think they are trying to get at “poor people aren’t wanted”


New around here i take it?


Well, when they tried to force realID on the forums years ago, they pushed it hard until the pushback was large enough that they had to start listening.

Unfortunately this issue probably won’t effect a large enough group to get that level of response, but it’s larger than I expected.


Which isn’t true and i get how blizz being greedy has become the new slur around here against the company but if this was the case, why would they allow players who do have phones to play for free? It’s not like they stroke a deal with every major phone carrier around the globe, again, disingenuous

lol what an awesome brag, the most hated gaming company agrees with you.


In reality anyone having issues should try opening a support ticket, maybe they can help you


It’s been like 2 weeks since “heroes locked behind the BP” :person_shrugging:

Support is not able to assist with policy issues.


That’s a shame. Probably be good to flood their system with the issue anyway though :wink:

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They’re not letting people play for free out of charity. In the long run, it makes more money. The actual target audience of the game is the 20% of players who will make up 80% of their income. The freeloaders are just the baggage that come along with that.

the “freeloaders” as you call them are the people that keep the whales playing in an F2P environment.

It won’t help. I’ve tried bringing stuff up with support before and they just tell you to stop making tickets after they reply to you twice.

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I’m not saying each person create multiple tickets but if everyone who has a phone but can’t verify makes a ticket maybe there will be enough to make them figure something out. I have been verified the entire time so it does not effect me but I hate to see people who paid for the game and love it as much as I do lose access to it because they decided to require phone authentication. It’s not right. I would be really sad if I was in their spot.

Apparently there have been reports of people being able to add voip service phone numbers. I was able to add one from talkatone a few minutes ago.


Then again, why even allow the baggage? Believe me they don’t care what you think, they don’t need to let in anyone they don’t want, stop coming up with excuses that try justify your rethoric