[SMS Rant] Want my account?

Are you telling me that I’m not welcome to play a game built around inclusivity and diversity because I have Cricket Wireless?


Player numbers. Not to mention a chunk of the baggage will still spend money on the game, just not as much as the whales. I imagine most people will end up buying the campaign, so there is still value to be obtained from the baggage.

Ah, a shill in it’s natural habitat. Telling people who have played the game for 6 years but can no longer do so to get “Wallet diffed”.


wHaT dO yOu GuYs NoT hAvE pHoNeS???

(on a more serious note I really did not think they’d take something this craptastically ridiculous as far as they did)

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“Every US citizen will be issued a new phone upon their birth.” - Joe Biden, probably.


Same here.

I’m just not going to be able to play because of my phone plan. I know a lot of people on console who are also not going to be able to play.

It seems very elitist and casts Blizzard in a (somehow) even more negative light.


They are 100% out of touch. Not everyone needs or wants a cellphone plan. If they required sms for comp this wouldn’t be an issue but they want to require it for EVERYTHING in hopes that it will cut down on cheaters just making new accounts once banned. Fun fact: it won’t.

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If you can’t use an SMS verification to play a game, then it is better for everyone else that you stay away from the game.

And that’s why SMS protection is the future of gaming across the board. Some games like Lost Ark have tried to abolish the practise of phone IDing players to verify that they are legit players and to prevent (or at least discourage) players from creating multiple accounts/circumventing suspensions forever or through their walles, BUT even in Lost Ark it completely destroyed the game. In Lost Ark it is single-handedly the biggest reason why the game isn’t the biggest game in west right now and why it lost 80-90% of it’s playerbase during the first weeks of the game being out, not to mention all the destruction to the economy and everything after that when bot networks destroyed the entire macro-economy that is now beyond absurdity and repair. None of their anti-botting or anti-RMT (real money transaction) have been effective at minimizing the damage caused to the playerbase and the game itself and all of them have failed miserably, despite the systems being most finessed one’s out there

Sure, OW2 doesn’t have macro economics involved unlike one of the biggest MMO’s out there, but even outside of MMO’s in any big titles not having SMS verification always causes a mass of problems that aren’t simply fixable through other means

In short: Every considerable game should have SMS verification regardless of it’s payment model, as those without access to a verification are mostly a segment of users that everyone wishes would stray away from the game

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so if this doesnt work you would swap your opinion?

and why am i not the games audience because i dont have a mobile phone? what have you prejudged me on?

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There are much better ways to combat cheating, hacking, and smurfing that doesn’t discriminate based on if someone has a cellphone plan or not.

Blizzard is a multi-billion dollar company - it’s unacceptable for them to put this horrible method of deterrence in the game while locking completely innocent players out of a game they bought.


coughs your required to give phone number, ssn and government id in Korea to play overwatch or any game over there.

If we adopted there system years ago or played fair and stuff. This wouldnt be needed now.

Although it would change alot anyway.

That is just false. There is no better alternatives as I already went through this. And even if there were (which there are not) any better one’s there’s still absolutely no valid reason to leave out SMS verification on top of that as it is the best and most effective bottle neck for heinous players to stay away from the game, especially after being actioned so that they can’t simply circumvent their suspensions through new paid accounts or anything. They can always pay for another person to verify their account for them or make a new plan, but these are such considerable feats for said heinous players that it is the most effective detergent ever introduced to the field

It is not discriminatory, and the fact that it’s a multi-billion dollar company only further more enforces that we need appropriate safety measures to keep certain types of players out of the game. Like I said: Lost Ark tried leaving it out and this one mistake single-handedly killed 9/10 players out of the game with the repercussions that this horrible decision caused. If I was a massive investor in said company (being Amazon) I would demand that the devs/dev team who made this mistake be immediately replaced without question and phone ID being put in the game. Because in the end they are the biggest losers in that scenario

Whoever can’t accept the fact that phone ID’s are the best safety feature that a game could have; don’t deserve to be involved with said games

If someone does not have the means to afford a cellphone plan then it’s textbook discrimination against those that are poor.

There are also those, like me, who do not need cell service. There are those who live in places that physically do not get service at their home. There are those who don’t want cellphone service based on their privacy, and more.

Human oversight of player reports would be a huge step forward in making the game a lot safer and fairer.

I assume you do not remember when Blizzard laid off 800 employees in their customer service department even though they were making record profits?

Hardware ID and IP bans in addition to not allowing VPN services to connect goes a long way towards making it much harder for bad actors to join the game.


That is just absolutely delusional. Just because you’re poor and can’t afford something then you are not being discriminated against. You just simply can’t afford those things. I’m not walking into a Mercedes car shop and then complain about how they’re discriminating against me when I can’t possibly afford their premium cars and have to settle for something else. In this case you’re the completely delusional customer

The rest is just irrelevant. This is an utterly delusional discussion that is for no valid reason what-so-ever going to areas that are completely irrelevant to it. Your personal feelings and trying to find a humanitarian angle for this is just completely irrelevant. And that’s all you can spout out because there is no systematic or logical valid reason to not have phone ID in your game

These are all much much worse alternatives.

Oh and considering how I see absolutely no way of this topic ever going in any kind of fruitful direction as it is nothing but delusions, I’m going to refrain from replying anymore to not bump a topic that has already reached it’s conclusion

The naivety and childishness of this hypocritical statement pretty much sums up the topic and confirms the reasoning I had to not continue this discussion any further. Thanks.

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have a source for any of your claims?

Lost ark miss managing its economy is no bearing on SMS one way or the other.
BDO a game that is frequently free has an economy built around people being afk fishing bots and protects and manages its economy with no use of any SMS at all.

if you think putting a $4 buck cost on an account which is the cost to legally comply with SMS right now (not counting all the borrowed phones /hacks/ other bypasses out there)

then wouldnt an option to put a $5 cost on an account be a better solution?

The copium and lack of empathy is strong with this one.


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I feel like hardware banning cheaters would be a better step.

This seems like a nuclear option that is going to carve out a large chunk of the playerbase. I just feel like there were other steps that could have been taken prior to this one.

Feels like we went from, “Okay, we have an automated report system that functions entirely off of volume rather than validity”, to “Okay, you need to have a compatible phone number that must be linked with us in order to boot the game.”

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