Silencing The Community

It’s a matter of principle I would say - you shouldn’t be silenced and then when asked why just told to read the CoC. You should be told what you did wrong. I saw the post before it was removed, and had Titanium cursed or behaved badly I would not defend them… but the way the bar has been placed I feel even I could get suspended for just saying something people disagree with.

My only guess is that posts that repeatedly mention Mercy and her state over and over again get flagged as spam by the community.

The thing is, seeing the same kind of threads again and again is sort of ‘spammy’, if you know what I mean.

So all in all, if specific accounts mention the same things again and again, I am assuming, other forum users are sort of ‘sick and tired’ of seeing them and just flag.

Like for example, if we had specific people creating a thread about D.Va’s hairstyle over and over again, at some point, it is identified as spam.

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But suspension is automated (unless my memory plays some bad tricks on me). You catch it when your post gets flagged enough, and later mod reviews it. If he finds the suspension unjust, it will be lifted. It wasn’t issued by them.

simple solution. stop spamming the forums with the same topics everyday…

or blizz can spend 500$ and buy the ignore user function for this forums… so ppl can ignore users on this forums.

You have to really go out of your way to get silenced based on your behavior and language alone. As in a mod stepping in and banning you.

The system is automated, so the determining factor is generally the number of flags.

The ‘powers that be’ is us and we’re very biased as to what constitutes ‘not bringing anything but negativity’.

It’s funny because the thread you quoted was already read by moderators many times over prior to the suspension. It’s also funny how you conveniently skipped over this part:

It’s also funny how that post has literally nothing to do with the reason I was suspended.


If that’s the case then why is OP using that post as the reason you got suspended just to make you look like some martyr being silenced by blizzard for asking for mercy changes.

Why not ask them to delete this post since they were wrong and its making mercy players seem like they are oppressed by blizzard.

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This is pretty accurate.

This is not. Although that’s assuming they were implying that said post is the reason I got suspended, which it seems like they are doing.

This is accurate.


Then I apologize. I was in the wrong. If you really did get suspended just for talking about mercy that is BS. It wasn’t the post that caused it though like OP is implying.

Overwatch isn’t so pretty after all is it now?

I still don’t have all the facts, there was a reason titanium was suspended and I can’t know for sure if it was done just for talking about mercy changes. If it was I’m sorry, thats my bad. But there is likely more to the story.

I would love to present all of the facts, but I’m not going to do that until I have a plan B for what that will inevitably follow.

I’m also going to gather more facts in the meantime.

Expect a rather large post not too far in the future.


Listen just know the rules can be abused to any circumstances which means false reports. The moderators could of played a part in it too, but that would be diabolical. This is Blizzard 2016 rules and policies we’re under right now. It’s very obscene, oppressive and they’re doing nothing to help it.

That’s fair, you don’t have to prove anything though. I just didnt like how OP made mercy seem oppressed. But hey, I could be wrong. Hopefully things work out for you.

Then if that’s the case I hope titanium’s suspension is revoked. I DID like titanium’s post, I just can see why people are tired of mercy posts I in general.

The most annoying part of suspensions isn’t even the suspension itself. It’s being demoted to level 2 trust level.

Now I can’t casually post pictures.

At least, I think. I was able to post a link to another thread a few minutes ago…

Let’s test that… Nope. Rejected.


Yeah the image link description is quite ridiculous, but I suppose it’s good to reduce the image spam on those who are dedicated on the forums.

Then you have to think about WoW forums. Players are tired of seeing the repetitive threads, but they don’t sort to report and moderators there aren’t as cruel or hardly close to it.

dont worry… you get your trust3 back after a day or so.

i got banned for 3days and had it back after 24h.

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Oh, good. That tells me that the demotion period isn’t proportional to the suspension duration.

No, they will not “communicate”. That requires the flow in both ways.

They will state their decision and go silent again. That’s a bit different.