Silencing The Community

I’m going to talking about how Blizzard treats their community who opposes them.

Let’s use the Mercy rework for an example;

So “recently” there has been a big uproar in the community about Mercys rework.
People have said she’s balanced and other’s says she’s not. Yet those who disagree with this rework are automatically thrown out the window and called “a salty Mercy main” and are even punished for giving their opinion about this hero.
Just like Titanium, a regular person who just posts threads on here.

Titanium has been suspended due to talking about Mercys current state, and you can check out the link here; Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

This person was just simply stating their opinion about Mercy and how… “impactful” she is currently.
Yet for some unjustified reason Titanium got suspended for “trolling” and “spamming”.
This thread reached the #1 spot for quite a bit (Lol, I’d rather say less than a day) and even given those Mercy players a voice, a speck of hope that the devs would reconsider Mercys rework, yet Blizzard comes in and shuts them down.

But thats not quite it.

Remember how Blizzard doesn’t want a toxic community? Heh. That’s a funny joke.

Actually hypocritical of them supporting a toxic community by supporting “OWL/Overwatch League” who pokes fun at Mercy mains and how they claim them to be ‘salty’ and to ‘get over it’, here’s the link to a video; - YouTube
(Warning: the video has a bit of mild language but explains way better on what I’m trying to say.)

But it’s not /just/ those who play Mercy, it’s about other people who play hero’s like Roadhog, Sym, Bastion, Rein, etc,.
There’s been so many threads and people talking about how their main didn’t deserve a certain rework or nerf, yet the Devs don’t even spare a glance at them or if they do, they shut them down and they’re never heard of again.

So let me ask a few questions;
Are we really going to get punished for giving our opinion about a hero? Is that how they wanna treat their community? Do we want to support a community like this?
What would you do if your main got nerfed to the ground/reworked where they were the LEAST impactful?

(I kinda rushed on making this so sorry if my grammar/spelling is incorrect)


Hey I agree, what’s going on isn’t right.

Right now, I don’t even know if the devs know what’s next for Overwatch, but one things for sure, none of us do😭

Hope Titanium is back soon🤗


Just leave the stupid game and go to something else, it’s clear they don’t care anymore, why support a company that promotes toxicity in their playerbase? It should be fairly obvious about blizzards intentions, I’m surprised this game hasn’t been shut down because it was an “unintentional bug” that was meant for a HOTS dlc. Thanks and have fun.


It’s sad really.
I’ve really enjoyed this game but I’m sadly not going to play it anymore, I already haven’t for a week and I will continue not to.
If anything the devs are going to destroy their own game, should’ve stuck to the movie idea lol.


The continuing downward spiral of Overwatch makes me sad.


Eh…it’s Blizzard.

They’re not real subtle withe their favoritism when it comes to their games.

(I mean…just look up Ghostcrawler [the dev not the NPC] or the whole Worgan mount fiasco from WoW. Yeah both things may be old, but it’s funny that it carried over into their newest game)


Making the same posts every day would constitute spamming. And we all have the same voice here, so maybe it is best if we just speak for ourselves rather than making martyrs out of forum heroes.


As I said in another thread

Paladins a game similar to Overwatch isn’t in the top 10 toxic communities which says a lot about their community and Hi-Rez workers.


Thank you for speaking out everybody. These acts are not only faced by Mercy mains. The prejudice is here for Symmetra mains, Torbjorn mains (I know attack Torb isn’t a viable strategy but the defense ones can be really god-tier with their guns and stuff.) so on and so forth. We’re trying to all speak up, yet all we get is ‘‘hush, you can’t even play the game yet.’’ It’s okay to have a main. It’s okay if your main doesn’t involve aiming much. It’s okay if you can’t enjoy the game because your hero isn’t fun to play anymore. What’s not okay is not being able to speak up about it.


Imagine how nice this game would be if it wasn’t full of petty toddlers who think the F word can be used as every 3rd word in a sentence and that everyone should be playing healer to pocket their 2k damage per ten-minute Genji.


Blizzard need to do SOMETHING to better their report system. No one should be suspended or banned just for playing a character they’re good with.
I’m a god-tier Symmetra like I know I am but I can’t always instalock and play her because some whiney child always tries to have a go, so I switch off because I know if I don’t I WILL BE BANNED BECAUSE MY TEAM WILL REPORT ME. That’s not how this game should make you feel.


It also feels a lot more balanced, just about every champion is actually viable.


God forbit people making sketches!

Seriously, you can’t be serious in taking offence in that video.

Nu știți de glumă smh.

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corporate censorship is a privilege unfortunately, so they’re free to silence their customers



I think a lot of us can agree that Overwatch is going downhill like a snowboarder on steroids.

I used to love this game to death but now only find playing it a chore.

No amount of breaks taken can lessen the amount of toxicity I dispense to myself.

I’ve just lost the love i had for this game and I think the devs have too.

But at least I’ve found other blizzard games to have fun with!


While I agree, very few people actually get banned for talking about / playing a hero. People just use that as an excuse for getting a suspension. There is normally more too it. People are probably getting suspended for talking about Mercy because it’s spam, it creates toxicity or because they are making new threads just to talk about the same thing.

But people just rush to assume that they are banning people just because the hero they play or talk about. Which is not true. There is always another side to the story.

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Unfortunately, people like to portray themselves as a romantic fighters for a good cause and there is nothing unpure in their actions.

Yes. We only hear one side of the story on the forums, and that is usually the player’s. They immediately make it out as if they’ve done nothing wrong, and say things like ‘I was only playing Symmetra and I got banned!’. 9 times out of 10 they were probably doing something else to get them banned.

I do agree with the OP on some points, but not on the titanium stuff.

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What did this titanium guy say that got them banned?

Well, of course. It’s a lot sexier to claim malicious intent than accepting the boring alternative of an inconsistent and abusable (by the community) system.

There just need to be enough people willing to report/flag you a bunch of times and the hammer will drop at the smallest infraction. But if you can fly under the radar, you’ll have much more leeway.