Sigma Rock Issue

Ah Here We Go Again…

This change broke the stone throw.
Cast time reduced from 0.75 to 0.65 seconds.

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20 sigma bugs


This is still happening? And here I thought I was voluntarily missing the Roadhog two inches away from me after turning the camera.


The most glaring issue with Sigma’s rock that still has not been fixed yet is its property as an obvious projectile that is not properly deleted by D.Va’s Defense Matrix.

Balance> logic. It remains only to come to terms with the game convention.

Why not?

When did this update come out there? Since then, I practically did not play Sigma, because its stone is one of the most important components, it allows you to turn the outcome of battles alone. They canceled countless enemy ults or simply killed enemies.

And yesterday I deleted Overwatch - I’m tired of the number of game errors that are not fixed by the developers, even if everything is served on a silver platter. From the number of evil players at a high rank who humiliate you for the very fact of choosing a non-popular character (and blizzard will not do anything for this, because most of people are in solidarity). And from the amount of abuse by the players of the complaints system, to which Blizzard turn a blind eye.

Here is an example after the changes:

I can’t practically turn a stone, I need to know in advance where I will need to throw a stone.

it’s easy to guess that I missed most of the stones. high master

But this is before the changes in the stone and its problems.

You feel like God, you understand that everything is in your hands, you destroy the enemy sigma with your fact of existence.

By the way, one of the updates since that time has done something with my fps and I enjoy fps drops.

Disgusting game with disgusting community and disgusting developers.

Alas, everything that will happen here (development vector) can be described in two words - social trends. It is fashionable to whine at brigitte - the nerf brigitte. It’s not fashionable to whine at sigma bugs - do not fix sigma bugs.