Should hack cancel storm arrow?

That’s dumb :frowning:

Like… Really dumb. I don’t see how it’s a transformation ability instead of a channel. They need to change that.

Honestly they could change it from transformation to channeled, would be a good idea for balance idea’s if it turns out Hanzo needs more nerfs.

Thats considering the Hanzo can land the shots, and assuming he can, then perhaps you shouldn’t pick a fight against a Hero you have no confidence facing.

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But it doesn’t act like a channel. Channels lock you out of other abilities.

Storm Arrow does not do this.


Except hack stops him from doing both of those, and using every ability that isnt left click. If he already has storm arrows active done hack him thinking it will be gone, if its not active then it is gone. If he misses a couple left clicks the sombra will kill him, if he hits the shots he will win. I dont see the problem with this.

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He has spam arrows at point blank fight. If he can’t land that he shouldn’t even play hanzo. Sombra is garbage and your response is maybe sombra shouldn’t do her job and run away from broken heroes

Well that was a good explanation, I’m OK with this then… But then Sombra should be able to hack McCree’s Fan the Hammer mid use then, does it? I’m genuinely curious.

I guess I’ll just agree to disagree.

It does not, its not an ability. Its a form of alternate fire.

I personally think Hack should also make heroes require reloading. Obviously this only affects certain heroes though.

This explains why it doesn’t cancel it, but I feel like it should.

Hack is the best part of her kit, why do sombra mains constantly want that aspect of it buffed? I understand it has its bugs, thats not what im talking about tho. 6 sec is such a long time in this game, not having abilities, some passives, ults, its a big deal, hack doesnt need to be stronger than it is. I can understand wanting it to be easier to get hack off, but not having hacked targets be at a bigger disadvantage than they already are.


So is Bastion’s sentry but it still gets canceled.

Exactly, it’s better than any other part of her kit (except maybe translocator), and still kinda weak.

Like the devs said about Ana, heroes have weaknesses and strengths, and buffs should make their strengths stronger.

Maybe they need to have some clear cut rules on what is what somewhere and in the code, I keep forgetting what is which and it being somewhere official would clear many problems for me. Granted, I don’t see McCree nor Sombra enough to make judgements, but that is indicative of an issue with both champs. They should really look into making Blizz’ rules clearer for these things, less spaghetti code in the long run anyway. Why then does Sombra cancel Bastion’s sentry? It’s clearly coded on an individual basis and that pushes dev time when it really shouldn’t. Just my thoughts on these issues.

I would be alright with it not breaking sentry, that being the case since he loses access to his abilities, he would have no way of leaving sentry mode once hacked in it.

To be honest its almost a mercy as otherwise he would be forced to stand still for 6 seconds and unlike sleep, its not breakable.

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What now, do we flip a coin?

My post was pointing out the subjectivity to Hero balance, there isn’t one design philosophy written in stone.

Heroes are balanced on an individual basis.

is not the same as

Ah, fair enough. They did say what they tend towards though.