Should hack cancel storm arrow?

It doesn’t act like a channel, channel is broken on hard CC, transformation is not, that’s the difference.

EDIT: Channels prevent you from using the rest of your kit. Transformations you can still use your abilities. Thanks applebomb for pointing it out.

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In that video she’s being ulted in the face while she Hacks it too. Torb’s turret also ignores her while she Hacks it.

That video is laughable.

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I mean Lucio’s toggle can dissapear without much repercussion, he’s vulnerable yeah but Bastion’s options for his toggle are you enter sentry mode or enter recon mode, if Sombra were to remove both he would cease to exist???

think a bit about coding

Also, if it was a channel skill Hanzo wouldn’t be able to use his leap skill while using Storm arrows.


Either way, hack still stops hog ult, that was the point.

Forgot about that, yeah channels prevent you from using the rest of your kit. Transformations you can still use your abilities.

Right… Because it is a channeled ability. Hog cannot use any other ability while ulting. That makes it channeled.

If they change it to where Hanzo can’t use anything else while using storm arrows, then it would be a channeled ability and therefore hackable.


i’m all up for it… hack should stop anything tbh.

the player should be still able to use WASD but in slow motion… sombra has a low pickrate it wouldnt hurt that much

Yea, currently not being able to use abilities and many passives isnt enough, left click also shouldnt work, maybe they should just be stunned for the 6 sec hack instead.

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its worth a try on PTR i say…

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Hack should cancel a lot more and less things than it does.

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While we are at it, we should allow all heroes to fly, and give them all stuns, worth a try on PTR I say.

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i support this idea

blizz make it happen

So he can’t Wall Climb, or Horizontal Leap.


It shouldn’t cancel lucio’s song, but thats about all that its doing wrong, abilities, on press passive’s, and cancelling channels is what it does. Just because Sombra needs a buff doesn’t mean she should lose her consistency. You don’t make reaper do 120% more damage to roadhog just because he should counter roadhog, its just bad game design to make exceptions for the sake of balance.

Or use storm arrows if it wasnt already activated.


I think it shouldn’t cancel passives and it should have a certain amount of damage you have to take before it is canceled, like 75 or something.

Wait… It can’t? I thought it could already. It’s a channeled ability so there’s no reason why Storm Arrow shouldn’t be cancelled when Hacked.

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Its not channeled its transformation.

That’s stupid to be the only reason on a bugged out ability against a character you stand no chance against because he just deletes you. And you have to put yourself in danger. Stuff like this is why sombra is garbage. And a waste of using a ability to put on cooldown

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