Should hack cancel storm arrow?

Should Sombra’s hack cancel Hanzo’s storm arrow while he is using it?


Yes. Yes it should. Or what’s the point of even hacking a hanzo? He can still one shot you anyways


Yeah technicaly hack should stop storm arrow cause it’s a channeling ability.


Nope! Storm arrows is a transformation skill, if that were the case then Sombra could cancel Soldier’s ult

Bastion’s Sentry mode doesn’t count as a transformation though it’s more of a toggle and she does cancel toggles like Lucio’s crossfade. She doesn’t cancel Tank configuration either because it’s also a transformation skill!

Storm arrows is not a channeling ability, channels lock you out of your other abilities which Storm arrows does not


This, its a transformation ability not a channel. So no it shouldn’t.

I could’ve sworn if you hacked him before the arrow leaves the bow, he loses it?

Edit: I’m thinking of Dragonstrike tbh. But idk. It’s the same way Scatter was. If the arrows are docked, you can’t do anything about it because he loaded it premptively or in response to the hack which is his “reward.”

She can cancel hog ult tho. In her intro vid it even showed her stopping his ult.

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ult is different then an ability though

Also channeled.

20 ch

Isn’t Bastion’s Turret mode also a transformation ability?

It’s literally called “reconfigure”.


which is why storm arrow should be no different it should be canceled

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I see it as a transform ability (like soldier ult), so no, it should NOT.

Transformation skills are usually on a timer. Bastions Ult isn’t stopped by hack. Sentry mode is more like Lucio’s Crossfade. We don’t mean a literal transformation.

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My bad, roadhog is also a channel

It sounds weird but it’s a toggle, you are either on recon mode infinitely or in sentry mode

I think the whole transformation ability distinction should be scrapped. It’s just another random restriction put in place to keep Sombra from being good.


but like i said you are comparing and ability(storm arrow) to an ult

it shouldnt, its a transformation ability. Its like when you hack genji with blade, it only affects his dash and deflect but not the actual blade.

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They why can’t Lúcio be forced into speed mode infinitely if his Crossfade is a toggle? His aura isn’t his passive, his wallride is.

Hack has made little sense since the get-go.

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Well that is how it SHOULD be (and used to be like this), I dunno why they changed that.

Whether it is an ult or not is irrelevant. It is the type of ability that matters.

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Its put in place so random stuns don’t prevent certain ultimate’s from not activating, without it soldier, genji, bastion, torbjorn, Winston, Zenyatta, Brigitte and mercy, you could just get stunned and than lose your ultimate.

Yes, it should have in the first place. If it looks like a channel, acts like a channel, it should be hacked like a channel.