Should hack cancel storm arrow?

Exactly, it’s better than any other part of her kit (except maybe translocator), and still kinda weak.

Like the devs said about Ana, heroes have weaknesses and strengths, and buffs should make their strengths stronger.

Maybe they need to have some clear cut rules on what is what somewhere and in the code, I keep forgetting what is which and it being somewhere official would clear many problems for me. Granted, I don’t see McCree nor Sombra enough to make judgements, but that is indicative of an issue with both champs. They should really look into making Blizz’ rules clearer for these things, less spaghetti code in the long run anyway. Why then does Sombra cancel Bastion’s sentry? It’s clearly coded on an individual basis and that pushes dev time when it really shouldn’t. Just my thoughts on these issues.

I would be alright with it not breaking sentry, that being the case since he loses access to his abilities, he would have no way of leaving sentry mode once hacked in it.

To be honest its almost a mercy as otherwise he would be forced to stand still for 6 seconds and unlike sleep, its not breakable.

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What now, do we flip a coin?

My post was pointing out the subjectivity to Hero balance, there isn’t one design philosophy written in stone.

Heroes are balanced on an individual basis.

is not the same as

Ah, fair enough. They did say what they tend towards though.

I think it should. Hanzo is very dominant right now and Sombra is… well, it’s Sombra. Maybe if she could stop the storm arrows she would become just a little bit more viable

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Sombra should not stop Storm Arrows just to make her viable (not like it would) thats not how it works, Hanzo won’t he on top forever.

Pretty sure storm arrow locks you out of your other abilities. Also, his bow literally transforms

Well it is a channel skill then the channeling time is too fast for hack to cancel.

Storm arrow is a transformation ability, kinda like transform to another state.

??? it doesn’t lock you out of anything, you can use sonic arrow with one of the arrows from storm and you can also lunge around, wall climb and dragonstrike while it’s active

Mechanically no. As it’s not a channeled ability. Balance wise? maybe.

Hack should stop Storm Arrows, Stop brig’s passive AND Ult too

While it’s true the exception from the rule can be made (especially that his storm arrows are considered op so maybe making the ability stoppable is a good way to balance him without a direct nerf - he would have to be more careful when using it), as sombra is unable to stop zen’s ult that’s a channeling ult. And i’ve seen once that genji’s ult used to be stoppable by stuns and then changed for consistency so exceptions are possible.
Also idk if something has changed but i am pretty sure sombra can hack road’s ult.

Because Zen himself becomes invulnerable and immune to CC

Consistency is key here, if there was an exception to Genji before, they removed it because of consistency, adding an interruption for Hanzo goes against consistency for transformation skill

And yeah, she can interrupt Hog because it’s a channel too, I’m gonna remove that part of my post because people keep clinging to that even though I admited I was wrong

If we are going to defend anyone with a consistency word then zen should be vulnerable to CC as everyone with transform ability is, or the exception like stopping storm arrows/genji’s ult / whatever should be acceptable and we should forget about “consistency” in a particular ability type.

Well there is one thing that makes it worthwhile. If he is hacked during the Dragonstrike Casting animation then it doesn’t activate.

you’re not understanding, Zen is not an exception, this is only coding-wise, he has stuff on top of his channel that makes him override the channel weaknesses, what I mean is on Hack’s code there isn’t a line that says: Sombra can’t hack Zen out of Transcendence

but there is one on Transcendence that says: Zen channels for X amount of time and is invulnerable to CC (CC doesn’t include displacements)

what would hanzo have on top of his skill in order to make him vulnerable to hack?

That’s mostly a rhetorical question because the answer is nothing, you cannot make a transformation skill vulnerable to Hack without recoding Hack itself and in that case you would shaft all transformation skills including ults like Soldier’s which seems to go against the devs objectives for Hack