Shields and immortality Nerfed but Boosted Bastian is still OP?

They’ll never learn if they realize that Bastian wins every comp match. It just becomes the battle of the Bastians which is boring.

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Firstly, it’s “Bastion”

Secondly, they have to learn to fight that Bastion.

If they won EVERY SINGLE MATCH against a Bastion, they would learn nothing.

Ranking up does NOT equal learning.

Better. Thank you.

People will play whatever heroes you can want. Make your complaint, make a suggestion, and until it’s either changed or something, you need to learn and get better. The reason it’s not as prominent in gold and above is because the players, all players, learned how to counter it better. It’ll still work sometimes, but if you learned and apply it correctly, you’ll come out on top a good amount of times.

Bastion isn’t played by the pros. So what you’re sayin is Bastion needs buffs so they will play him.

No, we need to force the other players to get better who cannot kill Bastion. We don’t need to nerf a character because the worst players in the game haven’t figured out how to handle him.

You don’t even need to be “high skilled” or a hitscan god or anything to give trouble to bastion. You just need to know basic strategy. It’s a knowledge problem and not a skill problem and a character should never be nerfed due to players lack of knowledge about the game.

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I wonder if you’ve ever seen this:

[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored]

This is the problem… the entire problem.

“I don’t wanna learn i just wanna W M1 at it till it dies”

This will get you nowhere.
Bastion is a test in this game… and the players who know the game, almost never lose to one. The players who don’t learn, will always die to a good Bastion.

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How do you fix bastion? By making him take more skill than “put a shield in front of me or else i die and we lose” By design making a hero that melt everything because devs thought that beign stationary doing so was enough of a drawback to balance things out is bad.

Guess what. In lower ranks it is OP in higher is UP because in lower ranks a stationary high damage output turret is OP and in higher ranks a stationary hero is UP because it is… stationary.

You guys gotta see this… it’s impossible to balance in every rank with the current kit/design.

without changes, he (bastion) will always be that hero (in low ranks) that you swap to take an easy win against people without a clue of how to counter him accomplice the fact that this game’s maps are not well designed.

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I’m saying he needs a rework so that he can be viable for pros without destroying lower ranks

they are already doing that as blizz dev said.

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I never said they weren’t doing that.

I don’t personally have an issue, but I see it as an issue and I’ve heard the hundreds of complaints about. I think we’re allowed to be empathetic and discuss issues that don’t directly affect us no?

Bastion deals a MAX of 450 DPS if EVERY pellet hits it’s mark.

The damage numbers look like this:

Training dummy stats

Distance Tests RTK Std Dev TTK DPS DPR Miss Spread
0m 0 13.3 0 0.44 450 15 0% 0’0"
20m 50 20.7 1.71 0.69 290.42 9.68 35.5% 3’5"
25m 50 26.5 2.98 0.88 226.76 7.56 49.6% 4’3"
30m 50 30.6 4.16 1.02 195.69 6.52 56.5% 5’2"
35m 50 43.5 9.19 1.45 137.87 4.60 69.4% 6’0"
40m 50 50.6 9.13 1.69 118.48 3.95 73.7% 6’10"
45m 50 65.2 9.64 2.17 92.02 3.07 79.6% 7’9"
50m 50 78.9 12.28 2.63 76.06 2.54 83.1% 8’7"

RTK: Rounds to kill (measured in bullets)
TTK: Time to kill (measured in seconds)
DPS: Damage per second (measured in damage / 1 second)
DPR: Damage per round equivalent (total damage / rounds fired)
Miss: Percentage of bullets that missed (lower is better)
Spread: Diameter of the circle at the given distance (measured in feet)

The likelihood of said pellets hitting drops MASSIVELY with any cover or distance.

Bastion’s actual damage output is rather low compared to more reliable sources of DPS, but his only real strength is when pocketed by an entire team focusing purely on keeping him alive.

There are ways to buff him and make him take more individual skill, but you wouldn’t like them. So i don’t dare mention them here.

It’s a cheap strategy in lower ranks and i think you can agree with me on this.
You see them doing it? You try to emulate it. You don’t? You probably lose because your team is not prepared. It’s just so dumb how many times this happened to my team.

My other point is that OW maps are super bad designed. Basically only a handful of heroes are allowed to navigate the map how they want (some more than others, like hanzo and genji infinite wallclimb)

I think that we wouldn’t here talking about bastion if maps were more navigable for the attackers (and defenders)
They could simply put some jump pads in some areas of some maps and a lot of ow problems would fix themself.

No, i cannot. Do not put words in my mouth.

It’s a strategy.

And that makes it feel worse when you can’t group up with your team like the enemy can.

Do you know why it wins sometimes?

Bastion is literally a sign saying “We need to group up” that people listen to.
That’s it.

That’s why it works sometimes.

If you stuck near your team, you’d win against it 99% of the time.
That’s all it takes.

But no… “I’m flanking” All the sudden.

No it flat out isn’t. Bastion’s 2 and a half second TTK at 50m is still significantly better then any other hitscan not expressly designed for long range. Even out to 25m he still has a sub 1 second TTK, while missing half his shots, and with forgiving aim requirements due to his spread.

He’s not great, agreed, but pretending his damage is lacking isn’t doing your argument any favors.

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If you stand in the open as a Tank sized hitbox and let him kill you that fast

You’re doing something wrong.

Yet Bunker is super effective in GM+…


Show me the “Bunker” that can survive for more than two seconds in GM.

I’ll wait.

Then he will be reworked in a way that he won’t be Bastion anymore.