Servers run badly

I just failed to log in in EU.
Was put in 20 person queue just to see “No Overwatch license found”.
Reset my BNET client to fix it, and got put in estimated ~90min queue.

edit: dropped to 20 min estimate as I was writing this
edit2: estimated time is raising instead of dropping, at 30 min now
edit3: got thru both queue for bnet and game, but no license error came up for no reason again

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Feels like Summer Games 2017 all over again, literally couldn’t get on for the good portion of that day.

[In-case you weren’t there at the time, the release day of the event had queues of over 800,000+]

Exactly ,its horrible.

my models havent been loading which never happens. im na tho

Attempting to login for the past 15 minutes:

30 Players ahead of you


Disconnected due to Error XXX

30 Players ahead of you

This summarizes it in a nutshell

Hey there everyone, there is no reported issues with the game servers or Blizzard’s network providers at this time from what I can tell. I will remind all players that there is ongoing issues with Southern California COX subscribers which you can learn more about here:

If you do not use COX for your ISP please try to report in the tech support forum with any troubleshooting you have done (click here) or post the results of a WinMTR test which shows the status of your specific connection route to the servers.

Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:

then ask again, its clearly something wrong (in EU at least). All my friends are having the same problem right now.

For the EU, be sure to check in the tech support forum on the EU forums. News may not be update here in the North American forums. However I just looked and there is not many trending reports there.

I mean you’re wrong, since CS just tweeted about it.

I am now wrong, at the time of my report that tweet was not sent out yet. Again here on the North American forums I get more news about NA servers faster than the EU servers.

Well, somethings going on since people were complaining about lag in NA servers and EU servers were having bigger issues.

Maybe something deeper what your stats don’t tell…

As mentioned there is a separate issue affecting COX customers, furthermore any issues in the EU can affect any user who plays on PS4 (as PS4 Authentication servers are in Europe).

Not arguing with you. Just pointing out that these events happened simultaneously.

Which is why it is one of the biggest mistakes to compare one error to another unless there are multiple consistant reports. It can get really messy to sort out. Yesterday the NA Authentication Servers went down a bit, COX is a ISP issue that Blizzard is working with to resolve, EU now has problems, but these are all individual issues.

Please let me play blizz.

Reminds me of Summer Games 2017.

I am an EU player and can’t get in for 15 minutes now.

Not only is login process super slow (3 minutes to launcher and 100 players ahead of me on the game, and when finished, I get “license not found”)

Quote from Blizzard EU twitter: “Due to a 3rd party infrastructure works in our datacenters, some of our services are slightly degraded.”

Ooooh, lordy lord…

This issue is still investigating, continue to follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN on Twitter for the latest updates on when it should be good to log back in.

EU player, ps4

Been having big problems since yesterday. Got thrown out of a comp game, took 3 tries to reconnect, lost 50sr even tho we won after I made it back.

Also i just played for an hour, then logged out to change accounts and now I cant log back in. Been trying for 20min.

Also got the queue thing at first, then it’s just

Just got in