Servers down for arcade

Pleasw tell me no one loses SR if they were in comp

What about our ranked games, I got dced in one…

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based on previous instances like that… your SR is gone. Sorry

YAY! 6k players ahead of me!

Mine went from 5000 ahead of me down to 2k back up to 4k lol

Most likely yes as a problem like this is more than likely related to a network provider between you and the game server, and not the game server itself. See this topic for details about how Blizzard handles leaver penalties with issues like this:

But everyone got booted, so it’s not just my connection. It’s clearly the servers and you shouldn’t punish players for it

Everybody’s having DCs and in the last game my whole group got put into the new ME servers despite us being EU players. It was a horrible experience.

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this is obviously game servers, given the queue ahead of us. we all get down to first in queue, then end up with a failure and back to 5000+

You don’t understand, a server is a computer that controls a handful of different games (not everyone) at the same time. This was a network disruption that took place close to the game servers affecting a lot of players at once and that is directly outside of Blizzard’s immediate control.

This is why the starting penalty is only 10 minutes for Competitive Play, furthermore your hidden MMR will not be affected, so as long as you don’t leave any more games, it only takes two to five games of Competitive to get the skill rating back to where you should be (win or lose).

Every internet provider in the world can say they had no problems
Someone at Blizzard could shut the server off, dismantle it, put it back together, or unplug it to make coffee and you still, wouldn’t get your SR back.

Unfortunately, it is gone

But if you know for a fact that a region is affected, shouldn’t that constitute a rollback? and if a rollback isn’t available, guess they should’ve implemented one the last 15 times

Imagine punishing your players for something you did

-this message brought to you by the Blizzard gang


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The problem is the difficulty of a rollback in terms of a technical execution. Its not like they can hit a button and poof. Furthermore, NOT everyone in a region would necessarily be affected so there is the argument if it is fair to those who did not disconnect. Again, it is EASY TO RECOVER YOUR SR as long as you do not leave games consistently.

Here is video proof that this is in fact, our fault…you still won’t get your SR back, or anything else for that matter.

But hey, be thankful we are not giving you more lootboxes with duplicates in them, or just automatically putting you in as backfill to a game that has ended.

But…we just might!

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Update everyone, I did get word from Blizzard Customer Service there was a momentary disruption but appears to no longer be happening. I recommend playing for a bit in a non-competitive mode, but otherwise things should be back to normal.

I recognize what you’re saying… but when you look at it from a business owner stand point it’s pretty flawed.

Regardless of when the SR would come back, consumers shouldn’t be punished for providers flaw be it blizzards or their providers.

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-when those things still happen anyways.

Indie company btw

nope still happening 9k queue…

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