Server error causing comp ban and -50

to no fault of my own or my teammates 3 of us were just dc’ed from a game and lost 50 bc the server crashed. replay code: 8R03DA . I don’t know why I was forced into a ban and -50 when the problem was on blizzards side. fix this?

Replay codes won’t matter because that proves the server is working but your connection is not… If you get either the “Lost Connection to the Server” message or the “Failed to Connect to the Server” error message, that is NOT a problem with the server. If this is happening frequently, you need to avoid Competitive Play and troubleshoot any possible issues. Penalties will not be reversed.

I have checked internet troubleshooting and did not once disconnect from internet but there was a server error where I was not allowed to join the game. There is an issue with the game servers per overwatch application when this happened and I still got penalized and lost SR after reaching a season high. This issue needs to be resolved, and is not “user error”
This issue happens both on pc and consule.