Server drop on Blizzard side

Never had a problem with connection to OW but my first match of competitive mode and I drop in the first minute, both from the game and the client. Check internet connection and router, still up. I check if I can pull up websites, I can. So it would seem to be a drop on Blizzard’s end.
I log back in and immediately get thrown off again with full connections outside the Blizzard client working yet again. Is this a normal issue with competitive?
And if I put up a ticket can I get my lost SR back? I know I haven’t been placed yet but I was playing against low plat before the drop and then I suddenly am playing against low golds.

This could mean a few different things, like something on your connection route to Blizzard is broken, there is a packet flood on your router (wouldn’t affect websites), or there is some other network event happening. But with any connection-related issue, please include a WinMTR.

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This data request is for players connecting in the Americas or Oceania regions. Players connecting to European servers should post their test data in the EU forum for troubleshooting.

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No, SR is never awarded back for any reason. More info on this decision here: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties