[Sept 26] Voice Chat not Working

Myself and several others in the general chat lobby seem to not be able to join/use Voice chat in competitive games.

Is there something wrong with the voice servers? I was using them fine earlier today.


Same here, I haven’t been able to use game chat


i cant even use vc at all! qp,comp,arcade you name it!


Hey there,

Thanks for the reports of voice chat not working correctly. We’re looking into it and I’ll update if I hear anything.


Coms are down for me as well


Good luck hearing anything because comms are down : )


Also having this issue. A friend said it showed I was in team chat, but I wasn’t getting system messages and I logged in and out of both team and group chat. It showed me I was in them, but no mic and no one else was in there.

I restarted my computer and headset. Logged back in and the same thing. So I was coming here for answers as well. I got game sounds, but no voice chat.

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I’m also having this issue.

Same issue here, except it’s just in all modes, not just comp

Hey again,

Our Overwatch engineers have identified the issue and are working on a solution to get voice chat functional once more. Apologies for the down comms this evening everyone!


Estimate on time til it’s back up?

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Bf and I are having the same issue hope you guys have it running up soon

Mines is not working either everytime i try to join a voice chat it never joins and im muted and i dont know why I cant seem to fix it.

ranked mode needs to be disabled for now or at least a message should pop up. i just lost sr because of being unable to communicate without knowing about this problem.


Same here tired Five different Computers and # different accounts. The Mic just shows muted.

any update? thanks :slight_smile:

It’s working for me and my group now!

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It is also working for me and my group now (10:20 P.M CT)

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I have been having this same problem for weeks now. I have spent too much time troubleshooting, and it has made the game unenjoyable. Unable to communicate warnings to my team mates. Getting booted from groups for that very reason, and with no ability to argue about it. This is a severe game play handicap and there are no answers.

Just to follow-up on this, the problem was resolved and voice chat has been restored!

Thanks you all for the reports on this when it happened. See you in game.