Selling DLC as a separate game is disgusting

So there’s no new heroes for the next 18 months? OW is dead and their is expac is dead before they’ve even started.

So we’re just gonna ignore the 9 new maps we’ve gotten, the 10 new characters that were released, the multitude of new arcade modes we have, game browser and workshop, the season events, and how they were all free.

The fact that is annoying is that Jeff now admits that the dev focused on OW2 and that’s why we’ve seen so few and slow updates for OW, so basically we paid for OW to give time to the devs to work on OW2.


And for how long? you clearly have no understanding of business? The money they make goes back into more personal, research and development , Associated merchandise new systems, working environments, employee benefits advertising, investments. You’re just coming across as a complete moron that has no idea what they’re talking about but continue to rage kiddo see where that gets you in life it certainly wont get you a job.

I’ve gotten 1500 hours of gaming for $40. I would gladly spend more money for an expansion if I actually cared about overwatch 2 but unless major changes happen in pvp, I’m not interested.

You must be a finicky eater. Separate your vegetables? Does the beverage have to be at the most optimal temperature? :face_with_monocle:

Naughty Dog did it with Uncharted: Lost Legacy. That was originally just a DLC for Uncharted 4 but was also sold in retail on its own.

Call of Duty gets away with barely any changes to the formula or guns and only slightly better graphics and different story every year.

Madden and NBA games still sell FAR more than Blizzard games (or most others for that matter) and each new year’s release could just as easily be DLC to the last few. The reason they are allowed to keep going is because people will keep buying.

Below is a forum post from Blizzard staff that would suggest that we will have to pay again. In the post it says that it will be considered a sequel and players will be able to buy OW2 separate from OW seeming to suggest that we might have to pay the $40 ,or $60 for console, just for a some new game modes.

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But the issue is they didn’t develop anything they built on to the same base game, which is probably just built on top of the Archive event. It would be like saying the developed Lucio Ball while yes it definitely to time to figure out and getting it playing just right and everything they already had OW they didn’t create a completely new game for Lucio Ball. just like this ,while yes they put work into it, it was probably just as much time as they did on all the events for OW combined, which they just recycled every year after the first BTW.


Just like they did with Brood War!

Oh, wait.

First off, I am not staff, but a knowledgable player who tries to help out the community (hence why I am a forum MVP). Secondly, Overwatch 2 will be a seperate game in terms of the PVE offerings. Anyone who does not yet own the first Overwatch will be able to get Overwatch 2 to access both the PVE and PVP but will not have access to things like the original skins (details to be revealed later no doubt). However anyone who owns Overwatch 1 will need to purchase Overwatch 2 in order to get access to the full-fledged PVE game. Note these PVE modes is not just some simple one-time PVE mission like in the Overwatch Archives seasonal events, this is a full story line they are building.

sorry for the mistake I’m new to the forums ,but I know it’s not just a single event but from game play it looks to be structured very similarly is my point this should just be free considering the price of OW ,but I would being willing to pay a reasonable price. Seeing as all the content being added to it with the exception of the new story modes will be in OW anyway.

I’m gonna say this again, because I think people need to hear it about 10,000 more times before it actually sinks in, what is wrong with Blizz taking their time to make content right instead of fast? According to the player base, when characters and balance patches are rushed out, it makes the game trash and makes things even more unbalanced. SO WHAT IS THE RIGHT ANSWER?? Blizzard can do nothing right in the eyes of the average forum poster. You’re all being pretty ridiculous.


I see nothing claiming amounts to pay. All I see are reasons for it to be a paid thing like most other expansions. Sooooo…

Nintendo is just allowing those games to be sold, not releasing them. They were already being sold on other platforms for similar prices.

We don’t know how much it will cost AND an expansion is better than an entirely new game that will just leave the original dead. If it was a cashgrab, they wouldn’t add all the new maps and heroes to Overwatch.

And last, but not least, the pve content is different enough from what you paid for when you bought Ow that Blizzard has every right to put a price tag on it.

OW is a social experiment and a scam. And the shills on this forum are trying to delude us all into thinking this isn’t manipulation.

The original game was $40 on PC.
The LEGENDARY VERSION of the game was $60 (and consoles have no choice but this).

So before you start spreading outrage… please

you’re talking about story mode. the PvE focus is on hero missions a supposedly highly re-playable mode

Yea I know it doesn’t say anything about pricing thats why I why I uses words like “suggest” and “might”. I was just pointing out they might treat it more like a sequel rather than an expansion, and that they say people can purchase it seperately. So I was just pointing that they might try to charge too much.