Season 7 Big Leak

Are we allowed to discuss it here or not??

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Ill call up my man bobby if your post gets deleted to make things right.
So go ahead.


Why wouldn’t we be allowed to discuss it?


In other forums they can ban you if you discuss leaks.

Did they leak the rework where they turn Hog into prison currency?


Oh really? Damn, had no idea they would do something like that considering leaks are their fault and not the general public’s. Looks kinda bad imo, but I guess Blizzard is kinda used to that look by now. :skull:

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All I’m saying is D.Va season 8 mythic or else bc…


I mean other games/developers, i don’t know what Blizzard does about it.

I’m going to be seeing a lot more of a certain spammy character now, aren’t I

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I might return to my roots as a sniper. That Widow skin is unbelievably hot. Blizzard finally got me! Unless she looks busted up close. Sorry, boys.

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More snipers to bully on Ball… I might just reinstall


He means they plan to take a big leak on our heads by still not fixing the match maker cause “you might have to wait for a quality match” and god forbid we don’t have our flashing light loud noise instant gratification. How else would they keep us here spending money in the eshop?

hot widow skin? give the details


ah ok i see it on reddit now. guess its a theme leak?

streamer leak accident too heh

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Apparently bogur (the streamer shown in the image leak) accidentally opened up the wrong Overwatch client and leaked some of the S7 content live on stream.

I kinda wish there was a clip of it because I want to see his reaction to his mistake lol


whats the leak, also just make a new account to post here or something if your worried abt being banned

Why is it that anytime I go on reddit to look for these things I don’t find it? I went as soon as I saw OP’s post claiming there was a leak, saw nothing relevant under hot or new, checked again just now when I saw your post, still nothing relevant. Am I looking at the wrong subreddit or something? :sob:

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That Echo skin is tragic.
Like… She’s borderline uncanny by default, but the ringlet curls push her into full unsettling. God do I hope it’s an unpopular shop skin, I am sorry Echo mains but ooof I feel spiders looking at it.
EDIT: It’s a BP skin! c,: i cri

Alao apparently we might be getting Lilith Moira? An inhouse crossover is fine but I can’t really be super excited by it? We’ve had Blizz properties blur the lines already so…

Hanzo Mythic looks good, unsure why Hanzo but it takes his Oni(?) skin as inspiration and turns it up to 11 so I dig it.

:expressionless: Widow… again…


usually they get deleted fast. just google “overwatch season 7 leak”… but make sure to put time on last 24 hours