Season 36 top 500 rewards not received

I haven’t received the final OW1 competitive season top 500 rewards even though I was rank 47 (tank) before the servers closed. I play on the asian console server, where the ranks are much lower in general. I’ve heard that any top 500 players in diamond didn’t receive rewards. Is that working as intended? Almost all console top 500 players in asia are diamond rank.

I worked really hard to get top 500 for the final season, and I’m disappointed not to have the rewards.


unfortunately a lot of people having the same issue. It seem like dev team already post up an update for this issue.

" This delay also impacts the delivery of Overwatch League Viewership Incentives & Perks from the Postseason matches during the period between Oct 30 - Nov 4, along with the rotation of cosmetics in the Overwatch League shop."

Yup this is a bug that’s been acknowledged by Blizzard support. Still don’t have any idea when the devs will fix it though.