Role Queue is a joke

Actually deleting Overwatch now until role queue is fcking gone, Love getting FORCED into a role for a game that I BOUGHT. Literally first game I was like, yea sure I’ll give it a shot and queued dps cause that’s what I normally play got absolutely steamrolled and guess what I COULDN’T SWAP OFF DPS WHEN IT CLEARLY WASN’T WORKING FOR ME TODAY. Oh but hey we should all just learn to adapt to playing ONE role for a WHOLE game without being able to swap and counter other heroes. “Oh I’m a bad Winston can someone else go Winston to counter this Genji” “No cause I can’t swap off dps to go Winston for you” :slight_smile: Ahh the joy.
Also I’m sick of all these idiots who go “Oh well don’t queue dps then” what so I’m just supposed to always play healer and tank because I “MIGHT” have a bad game every now and then LIKE EVERYONE DOES. And what if you can’t tank or dps, should those people be forced to play healer ALL the time just to f
cking make you happy NO. I don’t expect that sh*t from people why the hell are all of you expecting it from people. But hey I’m just one person right?
The only people Role queue benefits is high ranks because they are consistent. LOW RANKS LIKE ME DON’T HAVE THAT CONSISTENCY.


Cya. Best of luck on your journey. Namaste.


Apex just added solo mode

Yea I know that’s where I’m going right now :slight_smile:

ItzJono, the devs are trying to provide you with a fair, balanced experience free of anxiety and pressure to play a role you don’t want to, yet you wanna sit around complaining. If that’s not good enough for you, hey so long, see ya sucker, bon voyage, arrivederci, later loser, goodbye, good riddance, peace out, let the doorknob hit ya where the good Lord split ya, don’t come back around here no more, hasta la vista baby, kick rocks, and get the hell out.


If you’re having a bad day, just stop playing. Or take a break at least. Tilting hard after one or two matches and ranting on the forum doesn’t solve anything…

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you pick the role you want to play wth?




This is an easy flag.

0 post account, nice bait.


Guess we won’t see you again, as I don’t see the devs just deleting a major game feature that they worked years on just because of some salty players.

No one forced your mouse to click on DPS, that was your move.

This literally happens without 2-2-2 lock also, some games you just cannot win.

Who is getting anxiety attacks about potentially getting an unbalanced team? Do Sigma’s feet offend you or make you anxious as well? What about turning your computer on… what if it’s broken!?

There are varying degrees of anxiety. It doesn’t have to be full-on “attack” lmao.

I immediately bought the Talon skin, so I don’t even have to think about that awful base design choice.

To better match their playerbase no doubt.

You are mad because you are bad

It’s literally forced role queue? I want to play comp not qp and I don’t want to be forced to play a single role for the rest of that game. It’s stupid and takes away creativitiy and makes countering a lot harder.

Countering the enemy team isn’t hard. What’s hard is you and your team actually communicating to switch up their roles to counter what the enemy team has.

Which I’m sure judging by what you say you nor your teammates decided to have a pep talk about.


How is having 0 posts make this a bait? I haven’t felt the need to complain before in my 800+ Hours of game time…

Same. I just threw all my matches playing dps moira and dps brig.

You can still play comp. You can still Q for whatever role you want. You can play Classic QP when it hits the arcade in sep. You can argue for their being a competitive mode for classic QP.

Honestly, I am glad to be rid of those players that think they’re God’s gift to the ladder and tries to solve every problem on their own thinking their team is useless.

You are not denied anything. Play Classic QP, argue for a competitive version of it if you’re need that SR rating management minigame. Easy as that.

Enjoy your ban, I hope you receive it.