Role lock without role queue?!


I do believe No Limits mode is available in the arcade right now.


the people complaining on the forums about qp having role queue?


You mean the people with the better SSDs?


No. We are complaining about NOT having role queue, dummy.


don’t call me dummy when you can’t understand what i wrote

so again:


on ptr qp had role queue, people complained here on the forums about it, blizzard removed it.


You’re both dummy THICCCCCCC.


More like “No SSD = tank main 24/7”.


But…I have 2 SSD’s and I play tanks, and have for a while.


Well, I guess you’ll get the guy with the spinning platter for your off tank. Regardless of what he wants to, or can play. Enjoy!


Hey everyone, I did get some confirmation that this is being investigated. Not yet sure what will come of this, but I am hopeful things will get corrected soon.


It is hard for me to have an in depth conversation at the moment. I can’t stop laughing at all this business. Most comical thing I have seen in this game, ever.

“They took my jerb” has a whole new meaning lol.


I mean, role queue isn’t perfect, but fastest load time wins is probably the worst possible way to implement 2-2-2.

And I say that as someone with a very good pc who generally can pick first.


You’re doing that weird thing where people jump to conclusions and mistake it as facts.

Read the green text, hombre.

Edit: Isn’t it weird this thread got moved to Bug Report?

(Chris Avina) #21

Thanks for the report. We are actively looking into this issue now.

Oh, my God. What have you done?!

well if you hadn’t made this passive aggressive thread asking “whose idea it was” i wouldn’t have answered with a sarcastic reply pointing out that there were people wanting exactly this

which you didn’t understand, and somehow assumed i wanted it to be like it is now or something?

that’s all

now calm down please…


You’re a class act. Through and through. This has been worthwhile.


and you’re a dick for no reason


It might be the same root issue, but I just came from an AI game where it forced role lock as well.


Real shame this didn’t stick around as it was working after the patch. I honestly think it was the best of both worlds. The quick drop-in-drop-out short queues we all want from QP with the 2-2-2 meta enforcing non-cancerous 5-DPS games. I loved it.


Funny is that, if you lock your role in LFG, for example DMG, but other players already selected DMG in qp, than you can’t selected anyone. :slight_smile: