Roadhog hype again

I havent had so hype for Roadhog since the Take a Breath buff.

I cant wait for the changes.


Oh I hope they do him well. Poor roadie, he deserves good things


Fingers crossed for you Roadhog players! Hopefully your patience will pay off.

(Hopefully this means other heroes will get looked into as well>>Bastion, Reaper)


All he needs is some shotgun fixes. He’s a damn fun character.

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if they nerf him imma cry


Yes, but shotguns changes doesnt inplies new animation…

New animation could be for hook, or wholehog.

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Maybe both? I hope it’s both.


On the PTR Mei got new animation. I hope they’re not fundamentally changing him. He was my first golden gun (err, hook), and I don’t get to play him in comp much anymore.

I’m guessing they’re speeding up the RoF. “Tuning/Balance” implies numerical changes, not new skill effects. And there comes a point where his normal firing animation just looks too stupid with how fast it goes (and it’s already close to that).


How can someone called BossHog not play Roadhog in competitive?


I think he is getting a faster reload. Hence the animations.

So they might give him the rein treatment and when he wholehogs he will hit himself with the animation?

Incoming he now belly dances while going whole hog. Spead increased by 25%. All behind him is stunned by his booteh

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What avout the AoE healing of TaB mentioned in a Stylosa video by DrRiku?

It would requiere some animations… And it would be a new skill effect.

Yay! Excited for you Roadhog mains and lovers alike! :slight_smile: here’s hoping it’s impactful and a meaty enough buff.


his chain is to long.reduce it and reduce his fat content to a low keto diet.

Yup! Here’s to hoping that these are some nice changes/buffs and that Reaper and Bastion are either next on their list or already in the works. (Unfortunately for Reaper, like RH, his topics don’t seem to snowball the way that Mercy does. There ain’t enough of us RH and Reaper lovers. Thus why I’m happy for our brother, Roadie)


I mean Reaper did get some buffs during the new cosmetics updates but it just didn’t seem to be enough. (Really should look into Shadow Step >.>)

They did hint that one other hero is getting a rework but didn’t give any names just “they have an old kit”. I’m hoping it’s Bastion; and since there seems to be this trend of heroes get reworked several others get tweaked so here’s hoping they both get some work.

I just hope the Roadie gets to be the One Man Apocalypse he was always meant to be!

The game has changed so much that heroes that been here from the start got left in the dust with the direction the team wants to take it in.

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I prefer more slow topics .

Some megathreads are difficult to follow and usually lose their goal and people start talking about other issues.

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Oh please don’t dump whole hog…I love it so much.