Rise as a Champion in Overwatch 2 — Season 9

Trash season, boring and rank reset, more boring, stomp, stomp, and stomps, worse MM and less users.

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Thanks for posting this

PLS bring us an option to play 6v6


I think they were going more for a Lovecraft feel, than Loverwatch this time around.

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It is. But blizzard soon™.

ow2 competitive system is bad, blizzard brings back ow1 system and sell is as something new
golden weapons locked until 2025
balance patch sounds terrible
hero mastery crap mode nobody cares for, death mode in one week
no new map
still no pve

this is the overwatch 3 streamers promised?


are you new on this game? the small indie company putting effort on something?

Jade weapons are only available during the 2024 competitive year?? I’m not a fan of the FOMO. It’d be cool if we could earn comp points that can be used to unlock jade or golden weapons anytime. And it’s been cool if we could still unlock jade weapons after 2024.


“new non-canon Co-op event”
what a way to evade a bullet blizzard, not even mentioned the term pve


The gauntlet is the closest we’re getting…and honestly it’s the most exciting part of the season for me. I haven’t played since season 4 (was gonna play this season, but irl stuff happened) and that is the most fun sounding thing they’ve announced besides heroes.

Hopefully there’s a consistent user base, but if not…is anyone willing to play this weekend or next week? I haven’t played in almost a year, but I’m chill XD

All good, I like.

BUT, there is still no fix for Baptiste’s bugged primary fire…a fundamental part of the game, the ability to shoot, and it remains unfixed for months…

It’s coming in season 10 this was confirmed same time as blizzcon

Why only a soft rank reset? Not allowing ppl to climb on their main will just keep encouraging smurfing.

I want to be excited about the pve event but it will probably be nothing more than a shameless skin advertising.

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“Why only a soft rank reset? Not allowing ppl to climb on their main will just keep encouraging smurfing.” True I think they will never take actions against them as they do make money and stats thanks to them. Smurfs ppl always have the “good” reason why they do that huh ? anyway that’s a good start


They aren’t even making money out of smurfs since the game if f2p now. Not to mention if ppl want to buy something they will want to do it on their main.

The Champions of rendering 80% of the roster useless with one update.


i feel like such a champion when i get put against people 2x my rank and with people 2 ranks below me, my team is full of toxic throwers, and nothing i do matters. makes me feel so cool and accomplished. we’re all heroes. rise up. yeah.


looking forward to the comp changes but why buff everyone’s health when 6v6 could come back and get a second tank?


Rise as a champion?

I was born the undisputed champ!


It’s so the content “creators” shut the hell up about GM…

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