Rise as a Champion in Overwatch 2 — Season 9

Rise as a Champion in Overwatch 2 — Season 9

New Competitive Play, New Events, and all new skins await this season in Overwatch 2.

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Im really confused why youd add a new rank above grandmaster when there are problems with gms playing in games with diamonds already. I feel more ranks isnt the solutions but as long as we dont start seeing champion ranks in gold lobbys.


New cover to Junkertown. Love this.


I thought the new Reaper skin looks mid from the reveal trailer. But after seeing the detailed shot, i actually liked it.

a little confused in the section dedicated to Valentine’s Day: won’t Loverwatch return online with possibly new routes and rewards?


Yeah, especially since the site still exist and just need to be reactivated again.

I expect D.Va and Lucio route.


LUCIO’S BOOP BUFFED :smiling_imp:


It’s pretty simple really, it’s just an extra spacer as the skill gap between a GM/M/D player are considerably higher more then say between a silver/gold/plat.

So adding that extra rank, makes it easier to fine comb the skill gap into more even games under one general rule. Instead of making hyper specific systems for one rank.

Junkertown first point rework? Omg finally


What we need is a rank below Bronze (Wood?) so they don’t have a giant division from 0-1099 of everyone in the same subrank of Bronze 5 where the other subdivisions are only 100 SR in size.


Games are made based on mmr, not their rank. It’s being created since there is a huge skill difference among players in gm1. Some gm1 players could be like the equivalent of low gm in ow1, others could be like 4700 players. Vastly different skill levels, same displayed rank.

Maybe upper management said no. I would imagine, the main people in charge are part of the narrative team and we know most of them got laid of, so…

While i liked the idea of Loverwatch, it had a bitter aftertaste for me thanks to the OW2 skins.

Just saying guys, the most omega easy way to earn good boy points and get all the streamers to praise you for once is to just remove the new Competitive Point system. Scrap it. Gone. Dust.

Remove it. Youll get your week of streamers saying “Maybe there’s hope for Blizzard?!?!” and overall the community will for once have a good thing to say about you.

It would be nice if the patch notes were more clear about how Illari’s primary is affected by the global projectile size changes, since it’s an atypical hitscan projectile with more width than normal already. Same for Sojourn’s railgun.

I know it would have made the notes longer, but I think they should have written out the before and after sizes for every changed attack under each hero’s change notes.

New events/modes sound like they might be fun though, so that’s a plus. If the tower defense hero mastery thingy is actually good, then a single-player derivative for it should be developed, and for the love of Sparta find some less boring environmental art for all this Hero Mastery stuff. Even just changing the background to a starry night theme or various others, or cycling through stuff like that, would make it much less bland.

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Wait… I thought we were getting the ability to group up with groups of larger skill sets? Back at blizzcon the devs mentioned that a bronze could play with a diamond in competitive. The patch notes still say that you can only rank up with people within 2 tiers? Is that not happening anymore?

Yeah, and also better for solo q…Didn’t they say that before?

“We’re adjusting how the damage dealt is more consistent by increasing the projectile size while also increasing the health pools of all heroes, thereby keeping the time it takes to eliminate targets relatively the same.”

THEN WHAT WAS THE POINT??? Am I taking crazy pills? You mean to say you’re potentially throwing the balance into chaos and changing how characters feel to play and play against… JUST TO HAVE THE KILLING FEEL THE SAME?!?!

People (especially tank players) don’t like getting obliterated so quickly, so you change the entire game just so they can still get obliterated just as quickly, at least that was the basic intention…

They didn’t fire enough people, the wrong people are still making the wrong decisions.


Pls bring back 6v6


Ouuuuhhhh you guys hate dva bad

Am I missing something obvious, or did they significantly reduce the amount of comp points you earn? Likely, insanely lower than it is now.

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