RiP Symmetra's Survivability

It is so satisfying to do that

I was honestly expecting 15m range since the Dev’s said she was medium range, but the 10m feels really short. Also the beam is visually misleading… It looks like it reaches much further than it does.


It’s what 10 dmg more, but 5 m/s slower? fire rate (fully charged) is pretty much the same.

Oh this is good, didn’t think of that, but its really is true.

Not sure if you are talking about the sym right click here or PHarah rocket, if you are talking about Sym then it is not 5 m/s slower, it is much faster.

Has there been comparison testing on this yet? cuz last i heard (according to the Devs):

Pharah Rockets = 35 m/s
Sym 3.0 Orbs = 30 m/s

Sym’s right click seems much faster, based on what I have seen but I will test it now.

If anything her survivability has gone up, if you’re fast enough to set up tele mid battle and tele away.

Right click has range

What she really need is 250 health

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Sym: 1.35 seconds across 40 m.
Pharah: 1.11 seconds across 40 meters.
I’m guessing the reason it seemed so fast was because of the size and how it used to be.

I want the old symmtra back. Well symmtra 2.0. Well the symmtra we got right now.

I think people are not thinking outside the box with this new Sym kit.

You can fire off her turret for additional damage. S
Getting them to locations really quickly.
Use her teleport to suddenly change locations / pick an advantageous angle on your enemy or even an escape.

Use her E and her turret for ranged damage as you teleport to get close to your target and burn them down.

She’s going to be deadly to anyone with a large hitbox, I’m worried tanks are going to be even less fun to play. Her teleporter also turns anyone into a flanker, throw it up behind the enemy, drop in.

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No thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for. The new Sym gives more possibility for combos with players & team oriented game play.
This takes away the health watch, Barrier watch, & Base Building laser turrets.

Here is an example, name characters you can combo abilities with.
Off the top of my head I can think of three, Zarya ult, Rein Ult, & Ana Ult. Add Sym tele to that list.

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are people deliberately forgetting she has an alternate fire?


tested it and its pretty damn good, size and speed wise
people just forget it because it was so unreliable but now its like a lucio projectile but more dangerous and slower

Or give her 250 health at least

w8 wasn’t old symmetra called a hero that required so much brain and positioning?? shouldn’t symm mains be 2000iq and be able to adopt to changes in a blink of an eye??

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Ah, is that why most are saying she’s fine.