Revitalizing the Overwatch 2 Experience

Revitalizing the Overwatch 2 Experience

The newest season of Overwatch 2 is just around the corner, and with it comes some major changes.

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Considering all the health increases… unless heros like genji or tracer get a damage increase…

their effectiveness will be significantly hindered compared to more consistant dps. Tracer can no longer get an elimination without reloading unless they are headshots.

Genji’s assassination potential is totally gone, since his current INSTANT burst damage (212 triple-headshot dash) simply won’t reach the new health pools. (that used to be 200)

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Why does it say:
Minus for winning a game you were favoured to win
Plus for losing a game you weren’t favoured to lose

Please someone explain, it makes no sense to me


Oh nice this got posted

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these changes are not gonna save ow2 at all if anytihng it made the support role dead and useless wouldnt be surprisd if these so called changes was thught of by the worst person of team 4…


The new competitive point system is, um, no, but I really like the look of the new competitive rank/display system.

The new dps role passive (the weird nerfed anti) is kind of questionable to me though, I wish we had more numbers on that. Like how long does it last after the target stops taking damage? Does DOT like dynamite keep you both on fire and anti? does it affect healing received from health packs? I’m very curious to see how this goes over.

Not a bad patch overall, but it could be improved by giving mercy 200hps and mass res on 10s CD.


You don’t gain much more MMR if you win a game you were favored to win.
You lose more MMR on games you were favored to win if you lose.


So the system when it makes a game tries to make a game that is as close to 50-50 as possible but its never, or rarely, going to be exact. One team maybe have 52% chance to win. If the team with 48% chance to win, based on the MMRs of those in the game, wins they get a little extra.

as others have pointed out in other threads…

none of the MMR changes are new…it has always worked this way…its just transparent now


What I believe the new ranked system implies is that all of the variables that were listed with a negative or positive value are added together at the end of the match, so winning a match you were favored to win doesn’t mean you will lose progress but just mean that you will not gain as much as winning a game you were favored to lose. Though it is very misleading and I am also not quite sure.


Most players can’t even do that already. This is not an issue at all. She wins purely by having extra hp to avoid more burst kills and she’s a spammer with spray shots. Which allows healing reduction.


why would you lose elo if you win a match that you were favoured in?
Seems counterintuitive to me, at least make it reduced elo gained instead of lost

this patch is the kind of bullsh*t that happen when you want to do two opposite thing at the same time

we want player to feel a bigger impact on their shots so we make it bigger BUT we’re not making them more impactful because we scale hp to absorb this change

we want less burst that’s why we put a passive on all heroes that make poking useless

we want player to have more self reliance that’s why we delete the fact that it’s a team based game where every player will face the consequence of one bad or ill intentonied player removing with it the category of healers that now can’t heal in the fight and don’t have to outside of it

etc etc

just make your mind on what this game is supposed to be and focus on it


Its not that you ‘lose’ elo. It means that your score is not increased as much. If a diamond whoops a silver team you aren’t going to go like +50 SR. You’ll probably only go +10. If you were the silver team that won against a better team, you’d probably get that +50 SR.


yeah i realised afterwards that it was a modifier, but since it was a red arrow backwards (which is synonymous with losing elo), i just assumed it was losing elo

At least blizzard is trying out new things. Sure they might not work but they could also work. Trial and error is better than doing nothing about a somewhat broken game and I think Blizzard putting more effort now into game balance is a step in the right direction


Oh boi…

These are huge changes for a game with less than 2 years of lifetime…

Hope the full patch notes gonna be smart cause passive changes, as we can foresee, gonna turn some tables.

The rank progression looks better than I supposed to be. Curious to see it going if we get “Consolation” streaks or not.

Hopefully it’s works better than “oh you played sym, you had a extremely high chance of winning because her wr is inflated”

I don’t appreciate how lip service is paid towards improving the progression experience, but none of the reward structures outside of comp are indicated as being touched at all.

When content drops are slow, having interesting unlocks to grind for is vital for keeping players, particularly casuals, engaged. The Hero Progression system did nothing to fix the absence of such a system, in part due to blisteringly negligible rewards.

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