Revitalizing the Overwatch 2 Experience

So basically Zen be throwing kitchen sinks now… neat!


I really don’t understand the projectile changes at all. It’s not random whether or not you can hit a target that’s moving. Strafing is a skill just like mechanical accuracy. There’s a rhythm to it depending on your hero and whose shots you’re trying to dodge. You could argue that some heroes hitboxes might be a little too small or too nimble when strafing (i.e. Kiriko), but that shouldn’t result in a buff to everyone’s projectile sizes. That would make burst damage worse, right? Right??

At first, I thought the global health pool changes were weird but I suppose it makes some sense rather than nerfing everybody’s healing and damage numbers? But the game has been balanced around specific break points for heroes since it first came out, no? This could turn the game completely on its head, which… Maybe is a good thing? I think we’ll have to wait and see for this one.

I also think letting everyone regen health passively is a bad idea, just straight up. It removes the necessity for team coordination, it removes the need for map knowledge in terms of healthpacks, support sightlines… It just makes it so much less of a TEAM game…?

Like… Am I crazy??


I think there’s too much focus on the damage and healing numbers. Heroes need better tools with more utility to navigate fights. It’s not just a damage game.


As a high diamond player I’m not struggling to hit my targets and have a very high accuracy percentage, with the increased projectile size the increase in percent will be a lot less than compared to players who struggle more hitting their targets, so counter buffing everyones health will just mean it’s a nerf to all players who have good aim.
Having good aim and be better at it than other players is a core mechanic of first person shooter games. I hope if this turns out to be a bad change that you quickly revert back.


They can change everything but experience will still be crap if smurf-accounts are not dealt with.

I feel like the amount of players that don’t give a damn about getting banned is only getting greater - around 1 player every game on comp. If they do get banned, a new account with comp unlocked is USD$10 away.


Revert Hanzo’s damage when you introduce season 9 changes. 240 a headshot is going to kill the hero.


remember what the executive producer said about fomo:

“I hear you on wanting to be able to unlock everything. We wanted to give folks choice in the rewards they got from this event. Will be interested to see if FOMO overshadows that benefit.”

so jade weapoins will be plain fomo, if you dont get a jade weapon in 2024 is over, we love to chose between buying the most ugly skin ever made (just green with nothing else) and wait until 2025 to buy a golden weapon

“duh this is just a concept, green weapons will not be the final product”

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so much explanation about comp and i can resume it with one phrase: overwatch 2 5 wins system was the most stupid thing ever so we just came back to overwatch 1 system that every single game in the market have. we are this close to bring back 6vs6


This would my idea to deal with new jade weapons/old golden weapons and comp points:

At the start of season 9, everyone’s left over comp points will just convert to overwatch legacy currency (the white ones). Comp points will just one type of consistent currency. They can be earned in comp and can be used to unlock both jade and golden weapons.

Exactly this. The whole point of any game is to play the game. If the devs are worried about stagnancy they shouldn’t look at damage numbers, lower the ttk and call it a day, but at utility. Utility is what makes a longer fight interesting, not deaths.

The devs mentioned that players are getting better in general. So devs, give those players another piece at the chess table!

A stupid idea, but an idea to give an example, is to give every hero Hanzo’s leap-jump. Which was actually a thing in Unreal Tournament and Quake.

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I just smh…

Does anyone know if “Video game wellfare services” exist? Because dang… call them and report this abuse.

This is Video game abuse at its finest. For the love of all things on earth just bring back Overwatch 1 from 2016. and please quit abusing this game. It’s cruel inhumane treatment of a video game at this point.


“The changes to projectile size and health pools effectively reduce the impact of burst damage and tones down the relative strength of healing, meaning it will take longer to heal someone from 1 HP to full health.”

Thoughts on this?

Increased HP definitely reduces the impact of burst.

How does the relative strength of healing go down though?? Just because it takes longer to heal higher Hp targets to full doesn’t mean they HAVE TO to be healed fully.

Plus higher HP pools means healing multiple targets can be juggled more easily with less risk of them dying.

So there are no nerfs for Kiriko? Of course, since the hero sells skins, let’s leave him broken, ridiculous.

Jade doesn’t look like that guys :worried:
Even if it’s polished really hard.

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Does it say anywhere how long the dps healing reduction passive last or linger on a target before it wears off?


“damage games” are more popular according twitch

Hold off on your doomer mentality no one has literally played the update yet it could be huge I’m excited to get a new feel of the game.

For a first time I am slightly excited about the changes.

Your journey to the top begins with 10 all-new Placement Matches. With everyone’s ranks being reset, these 10 Placement Matches provides you with a high-stakes opportunity to make big gains in determining your new starting rank. As you progress through placement matches, there will be a predicted starting rank after each match. You’ll only have one chance this year to run your Placement Matches, so pick your best heroes and stay hydrated because these games count for a lot.

if this isn’t a proof of elo hell, idk what is.
It literally says you are screwed if you mess up your placements.


As a player who develops the solo carry mindset I think the passive health regen is better because most support players across all ranks lack insight on teammates and where they might be positioned. No diss on support players because it is a skill but it’s a skill check that a lot of people fail but this opens up a window for whole new play. Now lets say a flanker takes some damage after a engage and they have to reposition if supports are out of reach and or focusing on helping someone else this player who’s safe but not in range of team can take time maybe find a health pack and regen health passive back into the fight faster. This also makes engages faster on their end so there’s not a lot of down time looking for health which can be really annoying. There’s so many positive team niches I can see with this and I won’t imagine health regen passive is super fast like people still need healing from supports if there constantly getting poked.

So when i have 2999 Competitive points they change to Legacy Competitive Points?

But for what can i use this then? they are trash until this year ends???
Because u cant get them while playing

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