Revert the Moira changes

Just revert them straight up revert them :slightly_smiling_face: why ? Why nerf her ? I just donot get it can anyone explain to me why did they buff her and nerf her at the same time ? They gave her this pathetic buff just to nerf her meanwhile the nerf outweighs this pathetic buff that really didnot change much . I just want to know who runs the balance changes in this game :slightly_smiling_face: Really guys who runs it ?

If they wanted to buff her healing they could have easily gave her more resource meter and nerf her ult not in this pathetic way , sheeesh why do I hope for fair and meaningful changes to Moira any more ? Thank god I donot play this game that much anymore

I cannot put more comments in this thread :confused: why ? I donot know so I put them here


(Copy pasting my response from another thread)

  • More healing resources = More healing
  • More healing = More ult charge
  • More ult charge = Faster ult

Their intention wasn’t to give her a faster ult, it was to buff her healing output. So they nerfed her ult charge.

Theoretically what we should be left with is a Moira that is exactly the same except she heals more.

Geoff Goodman

At least in cases where you have to consistently heal feeding tanks that refuse to not take damage. In basically all other scenarios it is a net nerf.

This won’t be as big of a nerf as you think.

Perhaps. I obviously don’t have the data on me to verify whether or not the buff and nerf truly neutralise eachother, just answering the question.

I’m moreso just surprised that most people on the forums can’t seem to fathom any possible reason for this change.

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You do realise that her ult can stoped by hack , Anti nade , and any stun in the game right ? Whatever you say this change is pathetic absolutely pathetic instead of giving her more healing resources they chose the ult LOL :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Anyone have patch notes?

Anti has never stopped my ultimate, maybe I am just built different, like a saiyan.

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ur name is urek mazino…

you shouldn’t be having these problems

Sounds more like a player issue to me, but eh.

It might be a good idea for you to read the dev comments in the patch notes. I said their intention was to buff her healing output, which is true but it’s as a result of them bringing her ult in line with other channelled ults that reload their weapons. With this intention in mind, it wouldn’t make sense to just buff her general healing resources.

You clearly were not playing against Rein+Zarya oh wait ! it is being run all the time every game man every game :joy: or maybe you are just built different :skull::skull::skull:

This is literally what I addressed.

Also, why’d you edit this into the OP?