Request for Mercy Pink Skin in Overwatch 2

if an organization is dedicated to finding a cure for x, then I assume unless proven otherwise that they are using the money to do the research as well as the functions to support this - legal, hr, building maintenance, security, and so forth

More money means they can hire more researchers, buy better equipment, etc etc etc

all good as I see it

as such, again, I dont see any such organization as overfunded while a cure has not yet been found

finally, the Pink Mercy skin is specifically and inextricably linked to the BCRF, so I dont see the money from the sales of this skin going anywhere else, regardless of the funding situation of the BCRF or any other similar organization

The problem is in theory thats what would happen but they hit a wall where they cant do that because it would slow things down plus their arnt always enough researchers. If they would keep hiring researchers non stop it could work but their arnt enough people who can so they hire people for dumb jobs that do nothing just so they can stay as a non profit.

And im not saying have pink mercy money go to testicular cancer i would be a new skin thats what we where talking about. Also the BCRF owns pink mercy so it wouldn’t got to another company

Having family that work for these companies their are some over funded and money having to go into the void of random stuff because of hiw non profits have to work

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None of this changes my stance, which I have already presented in full

I dont see Blizzard diverting dev resources from the incomplete and unstable product known as OW2 to create a new charity skin anytime in the near future.

AFAIK Blizzard created the skin, and ergo owns it. BCRF may have some say in its use, but they do not own it

You have not “clarified” anything, you made a statement, and the statement was inaccurate. The link and source are provided in which you responded, while also dodging the proof and evidence based on your account/ claim.

Furthermore, instead of going back and forth- let’s stop the derailing, as it is not getting anywhere if the evidence is not provided along with the responses, back to the topic at hand.

I agree, I believe yes, that people want the Pink Mercy Skin, but with Blizzard stating that Pink Mercy or Icons has no plans to return, a new hero from either the same company or even a different company would be just as wholesome in terms of raising awareness.


Actually, the clarification I made was entirely correct

A claim was made by another that Blizzard had said x, and yet, Blizzard had not said x.

There has been no derailing on my part…an incorrect statement was made, and I noted that in my response

My claim:

Blizzard Claim:

So no, your clarification was not entirely correct as you may project such a claim.

There has as one of the definitions of derail is to divert from its intended course/accidentally go off track/ topic.

I notice that particular individuals will pick and choose wordings to best fit his or her statement, and the term for that is called cherry-picking. You replied to my response, which you have every right to do so, however, you made a statement which was again inaccurate, and tried to " pass " it off as it was indeed accuate.

All of which is off-topic from the original topic at hand. All in all, since the topic has been shifted from the focus of Pink Mercy Skin to you trying to make such false claims as to " try " to make a statement and passed it off as a clarification.

Back on topic, do you have the link/ source that states exactly what you stated, which was this (See Below)

And when asked for evidence and/or a link of proof, you proceed to state this

But notice that in this Pink Mercy Thread, the one that we are currently in, has no such link indicating that BCRF stated they want the skin to come back is waiting for Blizzard, though Blizzard stated

The link that I can see in this thread is routing to another Pink Mercy Thread, which still has no source of BCRF making such a statement either. Instead, we got a Twitter Link

In which the link reads and I quote,

Based on what was provided via through the Twitter screenshots, nothing was indicated nor stated that BCRF wants this offer to return, however, BCRF stated the company continues to be in contact with our wonderful partnership at Overwatch.

It was also stated that there are several ways to continue to support BCRF through direct gifts on the website and check the website for any updates from our partners.


again: the claim that was made regarding what Blizzard stated does not match what Blizzard stated

I have fully clarified this item and will not be discussing it further in this side conversation

again, there has been no derailing of this topic by me

I have fully clarified this item and will not be discussing it further in this side discussion

I have made no inaccurate statements in this thread

Given that I have made no inaccurate statements, I have not tried to “pass off” anything whatsoever

I ask that personal attacks cease

No personal attacks were made, you replied with such tone, therefore, I replied respectfully and professionally.

Blizzard stated that it has no plans returning, and it haven’t returned.

No plans return equates to not coming back. Still do not understand how the information was provided “does not match what Blizzard stated, when that was exactly what Blizzard has stated.”

Again, you haven’t fully clarified anything, you made a statement, and the statement was again inaccurate.

Since that all has been cleared up, and we no longer need to further discuss this side of the discussion. Now we are back on topic, where is the link/ source that states what you have stated here on this thread? I am intrigued as this is wonderful news if the statement is not only true, but also provided here on this thread with a link that the users here on this thread can visually view and read.

If no source is presumed to be provided, then this discussion is over and we are going to have to agree to disagree, and cease to continue this conversation as it is not getting anywhere.

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as a clarification, the statement that I denoted as containing a personal attack does indeed contain a personal attack, and again, I ask that these cease

So we are falsely accusing another individual for personal attack, when in fact there was no personal attack involved.

I see where this is going. Profile - Megadodo-11847 - Overwatch Forums, you enjoy the rest of your day.


I’ve made no false accusations whatsoever

I have already fully clarified that the item I denoted as containing a personal attack does indeed contain a personal attack

I yet again ask that the personal attacks cease

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just so you guys know how much the ceo of these research companies make

This is quite interesting, I am interested in the nice increase from 2012 to 2013; and then later in the years, 2019 being the year with the revenue of $79,556,601

Some interesting data honestly.

I don’t think anyone is against more research for cure for other types of cancer?

Are they?

Until the cure has been found the more research and donations that can be made the better!

Bringing back pink mercy for charity may not be enough to cure cancer but it would be one small step towards that goal!


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I have no plans to go to the movies next week…

That doesn’t mean I won’t go to the movies next week since I might decide to go if I happen to be free on a certain day to go or if the weather happens to be good and I feel like going out heh…

No plans is affirmation of uncertainty rather than affirmation of the negative…


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So just do another charity event? It’s not that hard


All those people who are so vehemently begging for this skin to return, why don’t you go outside and actually make a difference by spreading awareness, helping charity and making an actual effort, instead of drooling over a mediocre skin…

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Several problems with this statement

First, there’s been no begging. There has been asking.

Second, use of the word “begging” in this post, given its negative overtones, appears to be for the sake of attacking others rather than making an on-topic point. Such attacks are against the spirit and rules of this forum, and as such, should cease

Third, the “mediocre” comment is an opinion stated as if it were a fact, when it isnt a fact. Some people do find the skin to be mediocre, but that doesnt make it a fact. Many people have declared that this is their very favorite skin among all skins, not just Mercy skins. Further, the fact that nearly 900 thousand of these were sold speaks volumes to me on the perceived quality of the skin

Finally, the return of this skin WOULD help the charity as each purchase would add money to the warchest for finding the cure

I’ve seen a lot of reasons why people want the skin back… But I feel that constantly screaming for the return of the skin and not the event is what’s reflecting poorly on some.

I feel we need a new charity campaign, with a new skin. It would be nice.

For people who didn’t get the skin (of which I am one): We’ll just need to suck it up and get over it. There are many other ways to give to a worthy cause.

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There’s been no screaming, actually

There has been asking

as for a new skin, I very much doubt Blizzard will divert the necessary resources form the incomplete and unstable game we now have to make one…but…if they do, I know of no good reason not to sell both, as selling both will make for a bigger bag of cash for charity than just selling one