Mercy main, banned I need your help

Well, installing Valorant and WWZ was big who knows though :man_shrugging:

All of my past experiences with people who post “I got permanently banned, but I swear I didn’t do anything!” makes it hard for me to believe that you’re just an innocent bystander who got a false positive. I couldn’t find any information on how often false positives occur in Overwatch, but I did find a page on Battlefield 5 that says “In 2018, the number of false positive bans in all DICE titles could be counted on one hand.” Just doesn’t seem to happen too often.

If I had to guess, you were probably duoing with and pocketing a cheater (since who would cheat with Mercy?) and rightfully got banned for doing so. I’m perfectly open to being wrong with that assumption because only you and Blizzard know the truth, but I think it’s probably more likely than you getting banned by mistake for cheating.
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I didn’t duo since 3 months, and if I duod it was a Reinhard main.
I understand your stand, I’d be the same.
I’m just shocked and sad that happened. I love overwatch so much I couldn’t believe I got the email.

Ive been playing since beta. Reached GM. But onething i do not get is why people main in this type of game. I can play nearly everything now because i put effort in.

Being good is not hitting stuff but being able to adept. No hero ban will ever make me unable to perform.


Yep, which is why the bans this week in comp don’t really bother me, really for DPS. I can play McCree very well, but my Hanzo aim is almost as good, so I just swap, and if both are banned, I always have Ashe, Genji, 76 for back ups.


Speaking about actions against your account is against the CoC OP.

I would probably go to contact Blizzard Support and submit a ticket or two. it takes about a day or two for a person to get back to you, but they can probably at least tell you what they found.

Abusive Chat is automated, Cheating is not.

Wow false reporting and false flagging are both going on⁉️

This community has really hit rock bottom and I’m afraid it’ll never resurface :confused:

Blizzy has got to do something instead of letting this continue :rage:

Always remember positivity is :key:

Cheating is now automated also (used to be manual review). This has been proven in the beginning of April.

Either way, if Vanguard caused OP to get banned then it is only a matter of time before me, XQC and many other valorant/ow players get banned.


cheat bans get looked over by ow devs. Maybe someone stole your account?

as you´re mercy main, people might assume you´re just there because they think you´re boosting/boosted someone and by blizzard that´s reportable so they did just that.

OW smurfing/boosting is real pain in the behind and flagging/reports being automated don´t help.

When you say “proven” do you mean devs confirmed, or some guy on the forums “proved” without actual evidence?

Account sharing would fall under “cheating”.

Did you get boosted. Or participate in boosting parties?

I mean I can only trust you about that. Why on Earth would a Mercy main use an Aimbot or a Wallhack ? To go into Battle Mercy mode ?

And unfortunately, I don’t think we can help yu for that, just hope that a Dev sees this post…

I have never borrowed my account to anyone :C

As someone who’s account has been banned multiple times for playing Symmetra, just keep appealing.

Eventually they’ll look at it. I’ve gotten my account unbanned a few times at this point.

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Ban is most likely justified in light of the recent ban wave. You cheat, you get banned.

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get stomped on, cheater.
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