Report smurfs for boosting/deranking

Are you tired of smurfs? Do you wish you could report them? Are you angry, knowing that smurfing isn’t and will never be a bannable offense? Well, friend, not all is lost.

About half the time the smurf account would be either an account that’s actually being boosted or an account that’s occasionally deranking to stop from going to high. So, whenever you see a smurf (a player under level 100 playing what feels like a 3K player is a prime example), REPORT THEM for boosting or deranking. That’s not a false report and that’s way better than doing nothing. Smurfing is a cancerous practice that we should fight against as much as we can.


I already do, if it’s extremely obvious that they’re playing well below where they belong


Solo smurfs I am ok with, but when in a group I will report them for boosting since that is essentially what they’re doing

It’s easier to spot smurfs on Xbox because their gamer score is usually in the 100’s.
Smurfs really annoy me not because they’re stomping me but because i always think to my self way have you paid for the game twice just to make another account ? or is that not the way it works?

That is actually not really acceptable to many players
My friend transferred from Xbox to PC (was a GM) player and got ranked at 3600 on PC.
If it is a group then no problem report away but you need context with most of that stuff.

Hmm… but how do you know it’s a smurf account, or just someone having a good day on their alt account?

For example, my main account is diamond. This account is low plat. Sometimes I play my main heroes, sometimes I don’t.

The issue I take with your post is this:

I’m not a 3k player on certain heroes, but sometimes I do play my 3k heroes. You can’t really report me for this.


Why have an Ult account in the first place? what’s the point?

Because I can feel comfortable playing in a competitive setting on different heroes. I get sick of playing the same heroes on my main, but I don’t want to sacrifice my SR by practicing on those other heroes.

It works out well. Honestly, if I didn’t have my alt account, I would probably have stopped playing this game long ago.

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That is the definition of smurfing, you know. Having an alt account that’s way below your main rank. I don’t know if in your case the difference is 500 points or 850, but a high diamond player would destroy the balance in a low plat match whichever hero they play. Especially if you still use your main heroes on your alt account.

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Why not play hero’s that you’re not comfortable with in quick play. that’s sort of why its there? or death match until you get good enough with them or more comfortable with them at least then take what you’ve learnt into competitive?

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This is against forum CoC bro…

I’ll only report Smurfs if they were duoing with someone, or if they were trying to do stupid things like: gold to gm only battle mercy!!
Or simply just playing sym.

Well then I guess I’m a smurf. But I haven’t heard anyone complain. Nobody on the enemy team has accused me, and nobody on my team has cared to get upset about it.

Yep if you check out my profile I have played in other game modes like QP, but none of them offer real practice like competitive. You get better team compositions, and more communication in competitive. It’s not all about raw mechanical skill or game sense, it’s about getting comfortable with heroes in a competitive setting (maps and positioning and a bunch of other stuff.)

The only reason why this account isn’t at the same SR as my main is because I simply haven’t played enough games yet. I’m sure in time I will have 2 accounts in similar rank.

I really don’t see myself as a smurf, I don’t intentionally throw games, and I play to win every game. If anything, I’m just climbing the ladder till I tap out, and that takes some time I suppose.

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the thing is for the most part they dont and how can. this person is not a mercy or reinhardt main? more than not it is those that flex, tank or support who have a lower account where they play dps on.

I knew you was going to say that. Haha I fully understand that the competitive setting is different that’s why i say take what you’ve learnt and apply it to comp then grow from there. I don’t think you need an ult account for that. You must see the frustration though for lower level players.

Let’s say you’re playing a game you’re on your ult account you’re loosing so you switch to your main from your main account then you absolutely steamroll the other team that then isn’t fair on the other team. and you’re then ruining their day… but hey at least you’re

I think the crux of the argument is that if an alt account is being legitimate, they’ll rank where they should be while maining that hero, so it really does end up evening out. A plat Tracer main could be a GM Reinhardt on his main account, but in both cases, the player is supposed to be there due to their performance. The issue here is the effort being put in. If he tries just as hard on his alt account as he does on his main account, with the only difference being the hero he is playing, there’s really no problem with that.

Almost all the big YouTubers have alt accounts and mention it often, if it was a big problem then Blizzard knows exactly who they are and can go after them. There is a HUGE difference between putting 100% effort in on multiple accounts and doing things like de-ranking on purpose on alt accounts just to play below your skill.

You have to see it from his perspective. If he, for example, mains an anchor tank at high rank, his entire team is going to be toxic to him and harass him for picking another hero. A smurf account is the only way he can actually try competitive with another hero without causing his team to potentially throw the game because he wanted to play a DPS instead of a tank in a competitive environment.

Again, the key thing here is the effort being put in. That will land him exactly where he should be with the new hero he is learning. If your concern is him switching to his main hero on an alt account, he’ll just end up ranking out anyway…if he wanted to play his main he would just use his main account anyway.

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I agree with everything here :slight_smile:

Well said.

Of course, I’m sympathetic to your blight. I get top500 and high masters players in my diamond games on my main. I don’t really get upset about it because sometimes these smurfs are on my team, and sometimes they aren’t. Even so, it is possible to beat the smurf (it’s just difficult). So it tends to even itself out.

Yes I’ve done this before. I admit it. If anything me doing this is only going to get me faster to my true rank.

But I will be frank with you. If Blizzard had some way of putting an end to smurfing tomorrow, I’d be more than okay with it. But the way they see it: $$$$$$$$$$$$$

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This is true robotsquid just said this and I agree with it all swings and round abouts.

To be honest, I really just want to get back up diamond asap where I can play different heroes with this account and with the organization/structure of players on my main.

I don’t think I’m the kind of person we should be concerned about, the real turds are the ones who will throw their games intentionally to derank to stay (or fall deeper) in those ranks. You’ve seen these kind of players, they try to not make it look obvious but they intentionally botch their aim or blow their ults just to give the enemy team the advantage to “hide” the fact that they are really throwing.