Rendering device lost! Application closing

Hi, recently I’ve been having issues on Overwatch in regards to the error Rendering device lost! Application closing. I’m very confused as to why this is happening because this is the only game that any problem of the sort happens. I am unable to force close the game whenever it happens and am forced to restart my computer. (I mostly play competitive so you can imagine the frustration, I’ve lost about 250 SR this season because of this problem.)
Does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be?
Here’s a few items to note.
Specs: Ryzen 5 2600 (OC to 4.0 GHz), 16 GB GSKILL RAM, RTX 2060 (stock, MSI branded so comes factory overclocked) along with a 600 watt EVGA PSU
I’ve tried rolling back NVIDIA drivers with no success and have been monitoring temps and load on my GPU (temps up to 80 C in overwatch but my GPU naturally runs warm so I don’t see any concern here, along with a low load in-game while still managing 150-250 FPS)

If anyone can provide some insight, it will be much appreciated!

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Hey, Shadowlands!

This is likely related to the ongoing RTX profile issue that is causing these crashes after taking a look.

The forum post here:

If you rename the Overwatch.exe file and launch the game through this file it should prevent the crashes. If the game ever patches, you will need to rename the Overwatch.exe again and launch with the new renamed file.