"Render Device Lost" Fix for RTX


this is happening with my 1080ti on newest drivers


I’m not sure if anyone else feels the same way, but prior to the RTX issue, I had a pretty good endorsement rating (or at least i felt like it was good and going in a good direction). All these forced drops especially 3-4 times in competitive got me a ban, and dropped my rating a couple times as a result. Wondering if Blizzard will roll these drops back at all, because they are not warranted and otherwise I can’t play this game without essentially being forced into a bad endorsement rating and/or ruining competitive games for others.


I already tried asking them for a rollback on the SR loss… they refused.
Not really a surprise, Blizzard have never taken responsibility for their mistakes.

I’ve tried absolutely everything including buying a whole new GPU (which was expensive) and still the rendering device lost error persists.
I feel like Blizzard owe me $400 for the GPU that I bought trying to fix a mistake that Blizzard made when patching their game.

Honestly I’ve had enough, this has been going on now for almost 8 months… 8 months to fix one of their patches that completely screwed the game! Clearly we are all here for the same problem so it’s not like this is a hardware issue or something beyond their control.

Between the heartbreaking BFA expansion mess, the devastating Diablo mobile announcement and Overwatch being completely unplayable it feels like the Blizzard we all knew and loved is now dead.


Do any of you have G-Sync monitors?

I have a theory that some change they made in the Winter patch (or before) causes some kind of strange bug with the latest Nvidia drivers. In my case (G-Sync not working properly) I managed to track it down to Nvidia driver release 398.82 being the latest drivers that work. (For more info about the G-Sync problem, check my profile, it’s the only topic I’ve made. There I have a list of drivers that I’ve tested the problem with both a GTX 1080 and RTX 2080.)

It’d be interesting to know if any of you have also the G-Sync problem, or if this is something completely unrelated.

Edit: btw, my G-Sync problem was fixed in Nvidia driver version 417.71.


I do have a G-Sync monitor but don’t play with G-sync on.


i have a gsync monitor too :smiley: on my rtx 2080

but i dont think its a gsync problem.

my girlfriend has a GTX 1080 and no gsync monitor, only a normal 144Hz monitor and had the rendering device lost issue with the newest driver. with driver version 411.63 no problems.


Yeah it’s clearly not a G-Sync specific problem you’re having, but I just thought that maybe the problems are somehow related since they have been starting to pop up after the Winter update.


I think this workaround will work for me for now, I only seem to be getting the crash after 5 or 6 consecutive games.

Rtx 2070 btw


Well, the client received a new update.

Anybody tested if the issue might have been fixed? (even it’s not reported in the changelog). Also next week new drivers will be released from nvidia


Recently bought my new computer and since then have been getting the Rendering device lost error, sucks when Overwatch is as many here already said is one of my favorite game to play.
my old computer with GTX 770 worked fine with Overwatch at high settings, but now with my new computer Specs: ASUS Geforce DUAL RTX 2070 8OC, Intel 5i-9600K CPU @ 3.70GHz, 16GB Corsair vengance DDR4 RAM can’t run the game and have given me my first ban i Overwatch (never left a competitive match during my time with Overwatch).

This is with the new update of Overwatch, and with NVIDIA driver 417.35.


It did crash again :frowning:

Hope there will be a fix in the near future :smiley:


I have G-sync but disabled here as well.


Yeah. I’ve tried every workaround available. I’ve even set my gfx to medium and still receiving 1 or 2 rendering device lost errors every few hours. Never had an issue with my old GTX 680 rig. What’s hilarious is that one “support tech” said that Overwatch “will use everything you can throw at it!” While I don’t know that means quite yet, I’m still eagerly waiting for a patch that can support the latest RTX cards.

Good luck to everyone else here.


My GTX 660 never had any problems. Almost contemplating putting it back until they fix the RTX cards.
I lowered my settings to everything on Medium, which lasted me longer before the error showed up again. Might try to put everything on low and see what happens. Such a shame to do such a thing on a new card.


I’ve tested with various nvidia cards and drivers and, like others have found, found that the issue is with the nvidia drivers past 411. The problem with staying on 411 is that it produces shadow artifacts that 399 and before didn’t cause.

I’m unsure if there is a way to use driver versions 399 and before with one of the 20 series cards such as a 2080.


Blizzard, this issue has been going on for almost an entire year!!
When can we expect something to be done about this?!?!?!?!
Please put some effort in and fix your game!!
This is completely unacceptable and well beyond the joke…


Almost a week now no crashes. So for me it was the Activate Windows overlay that was making it crash. Driver = 417.35


I don’t have an activate windows overlay, but rolling back the drivers was the first suggestion tech support gave me… it didn’t work.

It would be great if they would just fix their poorly coded game so that it’s actually playable.


Having this same issue. I’ve disabled all overlays, rolled back drivers to the suggested versions, disabled my second monitor, changed settings, no g-sync, and my RTX 2070 is still giving me this issue every 3-7 games. I see Blizzard responding with questions, but it would be nice to hear that this issue is considered high priority and that you’re all dedicating a fair amount of resources to fixing it. Nothing worse than purchasing modern software only to not be able to play your favorite game.


I used to have this problem too with my R9 390, around the time after the doomfist update, but it was fixed with an amd driver upgrade after god knows how many months. I recently switched to MSI RTX 2070 Gaming Z, thinking that the green team is much better at this business. However, I was wrong. My new card died after two weeks of using and exchanging the card only let me play for a few days before I got this problem once again.

Anyway, Overwatch is the only game that i had serious issues with the RTX cards, where the game just crash in the first 5min.

  • Under clocking does not work
  • Disabling XMP profile also does not work
  • Downgrade Nvidia driver also does not work
  • Reinstalling, etc… all does not work

Now i guess I will stop this game entirely once again and maybe try again after god knows how many iteration of drivers update for the rtx cards.

PS: With AMD, they will acknowledge the issue and post it on their website and I will know once this is fixed. But seriously, pdf for a release note for Nvidia? If only I didn’t get a gsync monitor before, I would seriously switched back to the red team.