"Render Device Lost" Fix for RTX


Can we get an official response on this issue?
Is anyone at Blizzard even looking into it?
When can we expect a solution to this problem?

We can’t all be experiencing faulty hardware, there are too many of us for that.
It has to be an issue with Overwatch itself as this problem simply does not occur for other games!

Blizzard, please fix your game!


I have this problem for almost a month now.
Lost almost 500 sr and the Blizzard support is useless.
They probably don’t even care about the problem.

They try to blame something else but the problem is the game not any hardware or software. Instead of doing a hero patch they should fix this first.


I’ve had the problem for over 8 months!
I even replaced a perfectly good GPU because of this issue.

The issue is with Overwatch and Overwatch alone, no other games or programs have any errors.
This should be their top priority, they are a multi billion dollar company and could easy afford the resources to address this issue… they just don’t want to.


i have done a RMA with my RTX 2080.
i this time, i use a 1060 with driver version 417.35 and had no issues lol…but i must set the settings lower…maybe its that the problem?


What are your shadows at?


its on low…but on artx 2080 on high…


Just as a quick follow up on this, thanks for all the data that’s been sent in so far. We’ve sent a TON of files from you all to the QA team and they’re working on reproducing it on our end. It’s been inconsistent thus far but the hope is that we can locate whatever’s common between you all with the files you sent in. (Other than the obvious RTX series card thing.)


This is just a hunch but have you tried borderless window mode, low fog, dynamic reflections off, med shadows, local reflections off? In combination with what the other blizz posts suggests? I don’t own an RTX card but I’ve had this issue for a very long time while using a 780ti. As of right now using thoses settings and doing what they’ve suggested. Even tho it doesn’t apply to my exact card. I haven’t crashed since doing this. I normally just stop playing the game when the crashes happen too often.

Edit: I could go into more detail about the changes i’ve notice but some stuff might hard to explain.


no, i had´not test it, but without these settings, the game looks bad^^ :smiley:


I found a site that has pictures with sliders that show the differences of all the settings. Scroll down past the redundant info and you’ll see theses green sliders. In the middle of the pictures. Just the best example I’ve found. Honestly I’d rather not crash and play until they fix it.

logicalincrements dot com/games/overwatch


thank you bro, i try it, when my RTX is back :slight_smile:
dynamic reflections on low looks same as on high lol :smiley:


Tossing my hat in the ring. RTX 2080, crashes are random but either happen once every few days or multiple times in one day.

Did all the suggested fixes here except a driver rollback. Hope there’s a fix soon, I’m avoiding competitive until this is addressed.


Im still having this issue on occasion. Im noticing it’s more likely to happen after im playing for a bit, stop, monitor goes to sleep, then open and play again.
I’ve done the all the NVIDA control panel changes and underclocking
Out of all the suggested fixes, the only thing I haven’t done, and will refuse to do, is edit the registry key
I’m on a fresh install of windows 10 - this is a brand new PC and Overwatch is the only thing I’ve installed thus far, bar all my drivers

MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ventus 8gig

Honestly though - shouldn’t have to do any of this.


Anyway another update, my rtx 2070 just died again (BSOD, cant event boot to Window) which just prove my point that NVIDIA have serious QC problem even with AIB partner. Did a RMA and I can play ow again without having to do all the workaround. 2 RMA in 1 month… seriously.

But even then, overwatch was the only game I had problem with when I was using R9 390.


I think I found my fix with my RTX 2070. I put all of the settings on low (unfortunate) with the suggested Nvidia control panel changes. I’ve played about 3 hours without the error so far.


I feel bad for all of those who don’t know that there are at least two separate issues that cause this.

  1. Even 10 series card such as 1080 gets this issue if using drivers after 411. Use 411 or 399 or earlier, and you will probably never get this error. I’ve tested on multiple systems with W7 & W10, all Intel CPUs and different Nvidia GPUs. I understand that it ONLY happens with Overwatch, but it still remains that Overwatch works FINE on those older drivers. So while we wait for better drivers or perhaps an OW patch that plays nice with the new drivers, you can just use older drivers and play OW with zero crashing and having all the graphics cranked as high as you like.

  2. There is a separate issue that causes crashes with OW that will happen ONLY with OW. This can happen when you overclock your graphics card. Even if the overclock is completely stable with all other games, this can happen with OW.


Hey all!

Note: This post is ONLY for players with RTX series cards. If you have a different graphics card, you’re having a different issue and will need to start your own thread.

We’re trying to narrow this down further. We’ve been able to get it to happen a few times, but unfortunately it’s been inconsistent and it takes hours to reproduce on our end when it does happen, which makes it difficult to figure out exactly what the cause is. Can you folks send in an email with the following information?

Edited: We no longer need the information that was previously requested in this post.


I have the same problem with my MSI RTX 2070 Gaming Z . I tried all propositions ( Update BIOS, Install older Nvidia drivers, Scan and Restor W10 health, downgrade Ingame Graph, switch options in NVIDIA Panel , Check if Superfetch is activated, over and over…) I decided to send my DxDiag.txt and my MsInfo.txt to the CustomerSupport. I was reading thoses documents when i found some more informations about " Render Device Lost".


Erreur matérielle

‎14/‎01/‎2019 21:24

Non signalé

Un problème rencontré avec le matériel a provoqué un dysfonctionnement de Windows.

Signature du problème
Nom d’événement du problème :	LiveKernelEvent
Code:	141
Paramètre 1:	ffffdd8132f66480
Paramètre 2:	fffff80079bdbc3c
Paramètre 3:	0
Paramètre 4:	106c
Version du système d’exploitation:	10_0_17763
Service Pack:	0_0
Produit:	256_1
Version du système:	10.0.17763.
Identificateur de paramètres régionaux:	1036


Overwatch Application

A cessé de fonctionner et a été fermé

‎03/‎01/‎2019 22:31

Rapport envoyé

Un problème a provoqué l’arrêt de l’interaction de ce programme avec Windows.
Chemin d’accès de l’application défaillante :	C:\Battle. net\Overwatch\Overwatch.exe

Signature du problème
Nom d’événement du problème :	AppHangB1
Nom de l’application:	Overwatch.exe
Version de l’application:
Horodatage de l’application:	5c0ef697
Signature de blocage:	c387
Type de blocage:	134217728
Version du système:	10.0.17763.
Identificateur de paramètres régionaux:	1036
Signature de blocage supplém. 1:	c387da456d565d1d4b2bab34f174cab0
Signature de blocage supplém. 2:	c712
Signature de blocage supplém. 3:	c71261048ab8c93d55d80eb7671b0d53
Signature de blocage supplém. 4:	c387
Signature de blocage supplém. 5:	c387da456d565d1d4b2bab34f174cab0
Signature de blocage supplém. 6:	c712
Signature de blocage supplém. 7:	c71261048ab8c93d55d80eb7671b0d53

Informations complémentaires sur le problème
ID de compartiment :	478590ef4522f76761302d4d6f319b44 (1238539708128140100)

Does anyone have any idea about thoses errors ?


I could send you guys my error logs and minidumps from 2017 until now. I don’t own an RTX card. I use a 780ti but I pretty much have the same issue.

In my post above I’ve since solved my problem but I’ve been getting new or different errros. I’ve noticed weird stuff since doing all your suggestions and using different in-game settings.

I’m convinced it has something to do with the shadows. It also might have something to do with whatever happens after or durring the match you play.

For example when I load the game. I could stay on the main menu and never reach the temp is does after the first match. After the first match it stays at a higher temp then it does at first load. There are more things like this i’ve noticed let me know if it’ll help.


Quick update: Rolling my RTX 2080 drivers back to 411.63 has been working (so far). RTX cannot roll back before this driver version unfortunately. Hopefully the game remains stable!