"Render Device Lost" Fix for RTX


Well i just crashed when using 416.34 while i earlier reported this version was doing fine. The strange thing is that I must have played well over 50 matches without any problem. When using a newer version i crash more more.

Can blizzard please confirm that this is on the official blizzard development radar. I see a lot of reports and posts and some customer support posts only repeat what they have already asked before ( on both NA & EU) and the majority tips (read none) does actually work.

Again it costed me SR points and suspension. The penalty mechanic is too harsh for ppl who actually have client issues. Again i don’t care if it’s on Blizzard or nvidia ends I just want it fixed!


Ill take notes of what I was doing in game when this happens. I play a lot of support and the crashes usually happen when im playing Moira or Lucio.


I, as well, have an issue with my 2080. I got an HP Omen Desktop computer with the 2080 that started getting the error “Rendering Device Lost” and at first thought it was a defective computer. Went and swapped it out for a new one, same issue.

I’ve tried all the option settings recommended, and tried reformatting / new drivers, but same issue. I found the best thing I’ve done so far is modify my fan to kick in earlier and higher RPMs than default and it’s helped. I STILL get the issue but less often. I am now trying to undervolt / underclock my GPU to see.

I’ve only ever crashed in Overwatch, all other games are perfectly fine.


So I have been restarting Overwatch between each games and haven’t had a single crash since then. Very inconvenient but tought it would be nice to share.


This is a huge problem that has been ongoing for many many months, it’s a shame Bliz devs had to go and break the game with one of their updates… everything was fine before that fateful patch.


I have also found that restarting Overwatch between every game or two i don’t end up crashing. -RTX 2070


Problem occured randomly. This fix somehow worked tho. Thanks a lot for sharing it!

*Edit: Read through the comments and noticed a (perhaps coincidental) resemblence. I was also playing Lucio multiple times during the crashes, as mentioned by @Hyperion


has someone try this driver version:

i have no 100% cpu useage peaks after the installation.


Same situation here. RTX 2080 TI with Crosshair VII and Ryzen 2700, single monitor 1440p. No other game crashes but Overwatch. I tried almost all settings possible ingame and outside (reinstalling drivers, updating bios, checking windows, no background services other then windows one’s). It happens more often when i put limit fps at a higher value. It dies with temp being anywhere between 50-75 degrees.

It extremely infuriating that this happens given the fact that we all get disconnects and penalties when in fact its not our fault.


Hey all,

At this point the quality assurance team would like us to get additional system files from anybody having this issue so we can look for other commonalities. QA has been trying to reproduce this but hasn’t had any luck just yet. Can you create copies of your DXDiags and MSinfos and email them to us?

Edited: We no longer need the information that was previously requested in this post.

Appreciate all the information so far. We’ll keep seeing what we can do to investigate this.

ReNdErInG DeViCe LoSt: I'm done

happening to me on my 1080ti with newest nvidia drivers


Happening to me with MSI RTX2070 Armor. No OC nothing. Sent the mail.
I have been playing this game with GTX680 for 2 years and this had never happened with that card.


My CPU is AMD Ryzen 1700 I into the BIOS set “Core Performance Boost” to AUTO(Previously overclocked it off status I set to AUTO) so I fix this problem.

When I set Core Performance Boost to OFF,this problem has appeared again.

Sorry my english so bad but I fix this problem so I want share solution.


i send the file too.

but I have during a longer session (4-5h) where i view
continuous the hwmonitor. by a CPU usage of 100%, the game starts to stutter (the peak is coming randomly after more hours). i think, after several 100% peaks the game crashes with “Rendering Device lost”, but why 100% peaks in Overwatch with a VRAM usage of ony 1,5GB :D^^

my girlfriend have a gtx 1080 and has no problems, but with the newest nvidia driver 417.35, she is getting the same error message ^^.

Finally: I have tried the beta version 417.58 and I have no 100% peaks in 2-3h if I play Overwatch, but the driver stutters on my desktop, which is why I am back to the previous version.

the issue is comming after 3-4h in QP btw.


I built a new PC when I got my 2070 RTX card and did not bother to activate Windows… OW was crashing with the render device issues a lot. I finally activated it and I have not had a crash since? I did read Windows can do some odd things when that you need to activate overlay is on screen with some games and Apps. I will report back if I see the crash again its been 2 days now.


I don’t have a RTX card but I notice this type of crash on a GTX-1080TI but I don’t see the render device error , instead it’s a game freeze and so far I only notice it on the Hanamura map. It doesn’t happen often though I think maybe after more than 8 hours of play but thats usually on weekends for me. I look at event viewer and I can see it was a TDP error which forced me to force close overwatch cause it was frozen and the sound was still going.


Hello there.
I am back and some part of the issue is gone.
There are three things that have probably affected this:

  1. My Intel Optane drive that came in
  2. My new 3600 c17 ram as before I believe I had 2400 c14-15
  3. The most probable thing, the new Strix 2080ti

Before about all of my games crashed, even with the new nvidia 417.58 drivers and after hours of support chatting. Now no games crash, EXCEPT OW, so the issue in my opinion is most probably something in OW. For Honor does not crash, and neither does r6s, nor CS:GO, which before were crashing about all the time (except cs, which happened rarely). The crash just happened in OW after I came out of skirmish and was on the character selection screen, but this time it was different, the screen went kind of white, and not directly to the desktop, and also when I pressed buttons it didn’t to the BLING noise.

I am pretty much positive that the issue is in OW.



streamers also affecting. Remember some dude saying that they where unaffected by this and put the blame on us…


416.34 still crashes


I have sent you the diagnostic files.
I had this problem after I upgraded from a GTX960 to an RTX2070. I even sent the card back to the manufacturer (EVGA) who sent it back with no defect found. I have zero issues with any other games.
Hopefully Blizzard can fix this soon! Thanks!