"Render Device Lost" Fix for RTX


I am running an EVGA RTX 2070 XC Gaming and I am running into this issue after a game ends, usually right around when the POTG is about to end, and it is switching to the medals window.

This is extremely frustrating because Overwatch is the ONLY game this issue occurs for. Gears4, Assassins Creed Origins, and many others did not have this problem.

I did the suggested Nvidia control panel fixes for both the Overwatch.exe and Overwatch Launcher but the issue just popped up again. Albeit it took a few days this time around after configuring. I am running 417.35 on a single monitor.


Yah I would like to add that I also play a lot of Dota 2, and I did have a couple crashes early after I got my computer, but none since and that’s almost been 4 weeks now. Overwatch, almost gauranteed to happen 1-2 times a day.


I have the same issue as well. RTX 2070. Latest Nvidia drivers; occurred with Windows 1803 and 1809. Overwatch is in fact the only game that crashes (with the Blizzard message ‘rendering device lost’).

Can confirm it happens whether or not I overclock. Every other game is fine (BF5, Fallout 4, Pillars of Eternity). Its immensely frustrating.

And pretty sure my card isn’t faulty or anything as I have no artifacting or any other problem whatsoever.


For the rest of you,

We’re still trying to determine if this is an issue specifically with the RTX drivers. Are any of you able to swap back to an older Nvidia branded graphics card in the same machine and see if the problem disappears or not?


hello, i write my post here again (post 63 on this thread) , i think its a driver problem by nvidia.

my girlfriends PC run with a GTX 1080 and have no hardware/software changes in the last 1 year and play only overwatch and sims.
i updated the driver from 411.63 to 417.35 yesterday and the issue is here, wtf :D. i installed 411.63 again and no problems lol

i have a RTX 2080 with driver 417.35 and has the issues.
on 411.36 i cant play BF5 that i must updated to the latest driver from nvidia.
i have the issue with my RTX 2080 with all driver version since 416.34.

i got a RMA and with the new GPU the Problem is not fixed. same problems as with the old GPU.


Same issue here EVGA RTX 2070 Black Gaming 417.35 drivers, no difference with/without overclock. Temps reaching 65C maximum on OC, not a single crash in any other game.


at my RTX2080 no difference with/without DebugMode in nvidia Systemsettings.

my temps are between 60 and 70C, not a single crash in any other game like GTA5, RocketLeage and BF5


i installed GTX 1080 in my system and one week without problems with 417.35 and one monitor :slight_smile: with 2 monitors i have the same problem but not so often as on an RTX GPU.

On driver version 411.63 on the GTX 1080, no problems.

on my RTX with one monitor, 2 days without problems and than, the issue is coming again :smiley:

i started a RMA and with the new RTX the issue is still there


Game is completely unplayable on my RTX 2080. With latest drivers, latest Windows updates and nothing overclocked Overwatch crashes every 10 minutes or so.
This is extremely frustrating and I can’t play until this is fixed.


I reverted back to 416.34 based on suggestions in this thread, but it just crashed again with the same “Render Device Lost” error. Is there no log/crash dump of any sort when this happens that we could provide to the Overwatch team for debugging?

Link to my HWMonitor after the crash happened:


Was actually able to play 5 hours straight this evening with a down clock of -100MHz. Even though I’m perfectly stable in TimeSpy Extreme stress test and all other games at +200MHz on the core and +600MHz on the memory. I was also crashing at stock clocks, but -100MHz seems to be a sweet point for me in OW. Just a tip for those who have this issue.
Edit: This is with the EVGA RTX 2070 Black Gaming


Had the issue for 3 weeks on my Gf’s new RTX 2070 Evga XC , I had no issues on my GTX 1080 FTW2 until a few days ago. Around december 26th i played 4 games and each game i lost my render device. Never had that happen before


To answer the blues question about swapping graphics cards. I have done as you requested across both AMD and Intel based systems. I have used TWO SEPERATE RTX cards a 2070 and a 2080 and have had a rendering issue within 1 hour of playing Overwatch each time. When I swapped the graphics card to a 1070 or GTX 980ti the rendering issue ceased immediately.

IT SHOULD BE NOTED that systems using the RTX cards were stressed and gamed on multiple titles afterwards and none experienced ANY other crash in ANY game other than Overwatch.

Conclusion: I have tested multiple systems both AMD and Intel based, swapped RAM, PSUs, etc and the only thing that is causing the rendering device lost issue is RTX cards specifically in Overwatch.


Who says we haven’t? I sure did but you just end up on in the numerous bug reports and just hoping our issue will be investigated by them.

At the moment this issue is on Blizzards radar and more and more reports are dripping in. If Blizzard acknowledge’s the issue and confirm it’s not related on their end I assume they make reports to Nvidia via their own channels. Seeing that Overwatch is very popular game I’m sure they can pressure them more then a few single reports of us (players) when contacting nvidia directly.

Also don’t forget that Overwatch also released updates in the meantime while nvidia did the same. Unfortunately we cannot downgrade the game client like we are able to downgrade the driver.


I cannot believe you have not started a class action lawsuit yet


I tried to play in Borderless Windowed Mode and didn’t crash since then, but that mode isn’t optimal. I’m getting stuttering/input lag even at 120FPS with GSYNC enabled and a 2nd monitor.

I’m trying to adjust some settings and I’ll keep you updated if the game is crashing again.



Hello all, Sumtingwong here! There appears to be sumtingwong as, after upgrading to a 2070 a couple weeks ago, I started to actively get back into Overwatch – or at least try! I am also being plagued with this “Rendering device has been lost!” error :frowning: I have tried underclocking – I have tried full screen and borderless windowed mode, I have attempted a fresh install of drivers, I have attempted a fresh install of the game, alas, still occurring when I attempt to play!

For the saviors of our Blizzard-verse, it is definitely the 20 series cards – I can not replicate it with an older card (10 series). I have attempted to underclock my gpu and have assured my temps never reached above 70C. Just chiming in as another member of the suffering!


Just wanted to chime in here; I have been experiencing the same issue as other folks mentionned here and went through the same troubleshooting hassle without success.

I find it interessing that it was reported that we were perhaps having the same issue simply logged with a different error message using other programms.

Taking a look at the Event Viewer it seems that I have been getting a specific error message only when Overwatch Crash:
“Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.”

  • System

    • Provider

    [ Name] Display

    • EventID 4101

    [ Qualifiers] 0

    Level 3

    Task 0

    Keywords 0x80000000000000

    • TimeCreated

    [ SystemTime] 2019-01-03T00:52:06.895753300Z

    EventRecordID 12103

    Channel System

    Computer NetaGator


  • EventData


At no other time have can this error be found than the 5 crashes I have experienced so far.

It might be a long shot but it seems like most people here using an RTX 20-- would be running a 2 monitor setup, I don’t know if that has been looked into as well.

Eager to have a fix as I expressely bought this card to have a great experience playing this game.

Thank you for your time.


im using a 2080 RTX with a dual monitor setup. The crash just happened again. ITs been a week since I had the crash.

I have a feeling the crash happens because im mousing through my 2nd monitor while waiting for a game. Blizz might want to look into that.


I’m using a EVGA RTX 2080 XC Ultra. I play on single monitor and I’ve been getting the crash randomly. It’s been affecting my competitive games. I’ve tried the settings that were posted. I thought that fixed it but the crash is back.