"Render Device Lost" Fix for RTX


Well, my game crushed today with render device problem and im playing on 1070. So i think this problem not RTX only related.


not only RTX problem, but in the moment, very much people with RTX (all my Friends btw) have this issue. With the old one, no problem.

When you have the problem, make your own thread, but this is only for RTX GPUs and there is e big bzg with RTX Cards/Drivers.

i play other games like Battlefield 5, GTA5 and BalckOps 4 without Problems.


I ran a test run after your post.
After running pretty successfull run with driver 416.34 for the last couple of days i went back to the latest driver 417.35. I uninstalled the old drivers with ‘Display Driver Uninstall’ and reinstalled 416.34 and choose the option clean install. For some strange reason I’ve played a dozen to 20 matches fine and eventually it happened.

My GPU temp didn’t went higher then 62 degrees celsius which should be absolutely fine.

Anyway here are the requested pictures. Couldn’t use paint because Windows was behaving strangely as well so was forced to reboot.


I hope this helps in any way. I was about to promote before i got these errors. I lost massive SR points and also suspended because of this :frowning:

GPU: Asus ROG Strix 2080


Its a driver problem…1000%
my girlfriends PC run with a GTX 1080 and have no hardware/software changes in the last 1 year and play only overwatch and sims.

i updated the driver from 411.63 to 417.35 yesterday and the issue is here, wtf :D. i installed 411.63 again and no problems lol


So overwatch works with rtx, just with driver version 411.63?


So far it worked for me on 416.34 driver, even if it’s mostly related to drivers, there must be something OW does differently. Considering out of 20-30 games i tested only OW keeps having any kind of problems. It doesn’t even stress RTX 2070 that much compared to FF XV and using NVENC to stream it.



switched to only 1 screen. 1 week without the error.
Now it happend again.
In pickingphase, suspended from queue and 100 points gone.
Blizzard can you please give us the option to reconnect in pickingphase?
I mean the game is not over when im back in 20sec.


Hey again,

just had the crash again while using the HWMonitor.


Hopefully that helps.


Hey folks, I’ve been getting the same issue. Happened to me twice today already. If there’s any testing i can do let me know and will also be tracking this for resolutions.


Hey again everybody,

I’m trying to get a bit more information on this, but thus far the HWmonitors look good. Please continue sending those.

In addition, for anybody who still has their old graphics card, does switching back to the old card fix the problem?


Spot on diagnosis absolutely nothing standing out in those results


I saw the spikes on their CPU speed, but frankly I can’t imagine single cores are actually spiking past 8k mhz even on a 7800x. This is one of many reasons I’m still asking for more data. I trust the temps nonetheless. If this player’s CPU is actually ridiculously overclocked somehow, they’re not going to be having the same issue we’ve been getting these reports for.


After doing a week of troubleshooting with my RTX 2070 and my new build, i found that my RTX card was a lemon. I have been playing games for roughly two weeks when i first built my computer and was turning my settings up to ultra since it could handle it. something happened after a while that was causing my games to crash within a few seconds of opening any game, with a “your rendering device…” etc. Upon further inspection after dealing with CS over a few days with MSinfo’s, dxdiags, trying hardware changes, it came down to a faulty GPU. What i did was open my case, start a game, and listened to my card. Upon the games starting up, or when some sort of graphical textures where being loaded up, i heard my card start to a very a faint electric scrapping sound. (That how i best describe it. Take a credit card and slide it across a wood table. That is what it sounded like to me.) So if you did all the other troubleshooting do check your vid card itself. It may be that. Just throwing out my solution that helped me. GL to you all in trying to resolve your issues.


You say game(s). Care to mention the titles?

Also the sound you are hearing is that coil whine noise (google it)? This is a pretty common noise you can hear on GPU’s which is considered 'normal & within specs" in most cases and doesn’t mean it’s an hardware issue.

I’ve been playing BF5 yesterday all day without any issues and let’s be honest BF5 asks more of the GPU then Overwatch. After a while i switched to Overwatch in my 2nd competitive match i crashed again and received a 24h penalty.


Y’all sure have made the right decision paying $1000 for the first gen tech


There will always be exceptions but let’s not get into this discussion. The reason I ask is because if he experience coil whine I highly doubt that it is the cause of this problem. If he hears a different kind of sound I would like to hear a sample sound to compare with my own card.

I still put my money on driver / game client combination. As several others confirmed that any driver lower then 416.34 doesn’t experience this problem.


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I only have one display and it happens to me all the time. Let’s please remove that from the equation.



Just to confirm, did you get a new RTX series card and did the new RTX card no longer suffer the issue?


This bug has bit me with two new computers in the few weeks. The first was a brand new Alienware R7 (2070 RTX). The “rendering device lost” bug would appear in less than a minute after entering an Overwatch game. Because of this bug, and since the fans were noisy, I believed the computer to be defective and returned it to build my own.

My new custom computer uses an EVGA 2080 FTW3 RTX. Now it is possible to play Overwatch ~1 hr before experiencing this crash. Temps look fine and frames are capped at ~155 fps. No issues with other games.

This is a big disappointment and hopefully it will be resolved soon, as I am leery of participating in the new comp season under current circumstances.