"Render Device Lost" Fix for RTX


Renaming doesn’t work for me.



I just played 15 games without using the file rename hack and without getting rendering device lost. If anyone else is feeling adventurous try the 418.81 drivers released Feb 4, 2019. (RTX 2070)

Edit: Played an additional 15 competitive matches as well and not a single issue. I didn’t even get the stuttering that would occasionally happen with the OverwatchTest work around.


Please keep us updated over the next few days! This is good news!


Same issue here , complete new build/

I7 9700K
RTX 2070 Gigabyte OC.

Tried all previous steps mentioned before nothing helped , any solution so far?
Tried to run on previous drivers aswell and nothing helped.


You are getting the render device lost using 418.81?


Would my RAM be the issue for my RTX 2070 ‘rendering device lost’? I have G-SKILL AEGIS 2x8 GB DDR4 set to 3000Mhz in XMP. This RAM is capable of it. When the PC was built Jan 19 without XMP profile I believe it was defaulted at 2133Mhz.

That is the only ‘overclocking’ of my entire system. My CPU is i5-9600K 3.7Ghz (4.6 turbo). Would having my RAM at 3000Mhz cause my CPU to go into turbo mode, thus having Blizzard/this game think I am overclocking?

Or am I just overthinking this? Does turbo ever count as overclocking if it’s stock?


I run my ram at 3200 XMP, and the game runs fine when using overwatchtest.exe work around. If you haven’t tried the rename work around, please do.



I got this problem last 4 days ago to, my gpu 1080ti SLI, every about 10 min or more crash with this mssg “Render Device lost”, really annoying crash, cant play like this got penalty.


This thread mainly pertains to RTX 20X0 cards, I’d recommend creating a support ticket.


Using overwatchTest.exe fixed it for me.

BUT, I’ve updated my 2070 BIOS to F61 from the Gigabyte website and I’m crash free with the regular overwatch launcher for a week now.


I noticed it recreated Overwatch.exe from my test file. Now the original install is OverwatchTest? What? Just delete both?


You want to rename the overwatch.exe -> overwatchtest.exe

Then launch overwatchtest.exe from the file explorer (Do not launch from battlenet).


I do that, but when I go back to launch the game the next time it recreated an Overwatch.exe from the Test and the Test one is the original installation. Like what? And yes I launch from the .exe and log in with mobile app.



Yeah this is happening to me… I have to recreate it every time I go to program files to launch the game from the .exe?

Edit: so maybe not every time but I did see two .exes. Maybe I just didn’t delete one.


If you don’t open battlenet it shouldn’t recreate it. Even if it does, just manually launch overwatchtest.exe from file explorer like instructed


Oh well I mean I open Bnet for other games or just to sit idle. Maybe it’s doing it then.


This definitely fixed it for me. Good luck to everyone else!


I will believe it if you can go without a crash for over a week. I have thought before my crashes were gone to still get a crash after a whole week. The only solution for me so far, which didn’t cause a crash yet is the renaming method.


I’m skeptical to get any of the newest Nvidia drivers with these cards. Just seems new drivers bring new issues.