"Render Device Lost" Fix for RTX


I did the nvidia settings change and the .exe name change and have been able to play without issue for 2hrs now. Seems to work lets see if it sticks.


If you read the post about changing the .exe file and the nvidia graphics settings for the exe file they seem to work.


OverwatchTest works for me. I do have occasional FPS drops but they are rare but that is also because I have set my FPS to being display-based. I don’t really play other shooter type of games but the thing is since OverwatchTest works for me, it in my case is likely a driver related issue. I do play other games without players and I notice odd FPS drops in those too (again rare but it happens).


what RTX-card do you have?


Ok, update:
For me it looks like that Telegram desktop popups causing ‘rendering device lost’ thingy sometimes. I’ve managed to screenshot it twice, both times RDL happened when I’m getting messages in Telegram.
But since probably no one else using it here, and taking into account that ‘trick’ with renaming of .exe file (btw, will it trigger any anticheat, @Blizzard?) makes me think that’s some kind of ‘overlay’ that makes game crash at the moment notification comes from any other app.
Maybe that’s GeForce Experience overlay conflicting with some Win10 game panel or something…

Especially that thing with overwatch,exe rename…to me it looks like that something like geforce experience with hardcoded ‘overwatch.exe’ is hooking into OW on startup, trying to ‘improve gaming experience’ as they usually say…


Been playing a couple hours today. Then got off got on played another 30 mins or so… go off and got on again and within 5 mins I crash. Second time crashing now… same error of course. ARRRRGHHHHHHHHHHH!


EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 XC Black Edition
i5-9600K 3.7 Ghz (3.6 turbo)
be quiet! Shadow Rock TF2
Corsair CX650M 80+ Bronze Cert PSU 650W
Win 10 x64 Home OEM
1920 x 1080p
60Hz monitor
Ultra in game settings (reduced from Epic - game ran at 70 C on Epic and in the 50s on Ultra per OW advanced performance stats)


you had renamed the overwatch.exe?


No. But I just downloaded GPU-Z. Trying to see if my memory is micron or Samsung - where does it show this info?

Edit: GDDR6 Samsung is the type of memory


Samsung is good! i have samung too.

rename the exe to Overwatch2 or what else and try it again. its the solution for you :slight_smile:


This is so weird, but re naming has worked.
I re named the .exe file, put a shortcut on my desktop and log in each time. Cranked it back up to ultra and no render crashes as of yet… I did lose 150 sr due to crashing and have been kind of weary about going back into comp with knowing this issue exists still… but so far in QP/arcade/CTF:comp - it has not crashed yet.

Thank you? hehe :wink:


How much have you played since doing the ‘fix’? How much was it crashing before and after how long of playing?


i play with the test.exe 2 days now. no crashes at the moment.
i played 2 comp games and a lot of QP matches.
3-5 crashes at a day before renaming the exe

i play on the driver version 417.71


I play for hours at a time every day and I did the “fix” 1/26/19.
I run a RTX 2070 and do have my drivers rolled back. (416.34)
No crashes. (watch, now I’m gonna crash all the freekin’ time now that I said that)


Hopefully it doesn’t, I’ll knock on wood for you. Thanks for reporting your success!

Just wanted to poke my head in and let you all know we’re still on this. For RTX users who the OverwatchTest method I posted above does NOT work for, can you either post your own threads or contact support (and mention you tried the work around and it failed?) I’d like to see if there are other things causing the error for you. If you can catch a crash with HWmonitor running and take screenshots of ALL the data in the test, then attach them to your ticket, that’ll be helpful so we can look for how your hardware is responding. Please see this post for some more information and troubleshooting help.


I have an Gigabyte RTX 2070 Windforce, and “Rendering device lost” issue was fixed for me by limiting my FPS to 120. I had 200 or so fps before. Altough I didn’t have more than 1 crashes / day (that’s about 4-5 hours of gaming) knock knock knock on wood.


Mine used to crash in 1 out of 5 games. After renaming to OverwatchTest I haven’t had a single crash in several hundred games now. There is still the rare stutter. (RTX 2070, Micron RAM)


Out of curiosity: how many ppl in here experiencing crashes, using GeForce Experience or Windows background video record feature?
Looks like renaming really works.


Renaming to OverwatchTest also fixed it for me. Gigabyte RTX 2080 Ti Gaming OC, on driver 417.71.


but when we can start the game normaly over the battle net launcher?

renaming the .exe is working for me2


I renamed tonight and played some Arcade… haven’t played long enough to say for sure this is a fix for me or not but I didn’t crash in the little time I’ve played. Temps never got past 69 C on GPU and never past 51 C on CPU. Is this okay?

1080p, 60Hz, Ultra settings vsync off Custom frames slider maxed to 300, was seeing 180-200 FPS on the display stats.