Removed for Inactivity Bug

I’m on PS4 and I keep getting removed for inactivity during matches I’m also seeing other teammates leave match so I’m assuming they’re being kicked too. we are clearly moving and playing normally so we are NOT inactive. This is a big problem because you lower endorsement rank and suspend people for removals.

This seems to happen mostly when either the other team is blocked in their spawn point or your team is blocked in your spawn with the enemy team camping it.

I think you require players to shoot an enemy to cancel the inactivity BUT SOMETIMES THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE. You are stuck in your spawn and there are two shields protecting the entire enemy team so you can’t hit anyone, worse you get hectic and don’t play well when you see a big inactivity warning blocking your view and you’re already active and trying to play so it’s even harder to hit people.


An even worse slap in the face is that the enemy team can kill you dead… and when you respawn your timer is still ticking down from where it was so you’re at 2 seconds after respawning with no way to even attack someone in 2 seconds.

I understand you don’t want inactive people but people moving around and shooting should be considered playing, especially if the other team is killing them! there doesn’t seem to be a need to be so overly aggressive in kicking people who are playing.

I hope your can quickly fix this and stop penalizing players playing your game correctly


If you are being spawncamped, remember to change up your composition and utilize the different exits (all have at least two).

That being said, if you can share any replay codes where this happens, that will help. I am tracking more information in this general thread:

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This is also happening to me on ps4. The countdown disappears if I leave spawn but in some games where we’re getting spawn camped you can’t leave and hence it kicks you

Quick reply on this. It may be beneficial if you allowed us to send a bug report directly from the game with a quick one sentence title specifically sharing replays with bugs.

The first two times this happened that’s exactly what I wanted to do but with no way I just continued playing (honestly who really wants to stop their fun to report bugs in forums). By the third time I was so frustrated that’s when I came to make the above post however at that point I’m not thinking about the replays or that I’d be here, so I didn’t think to saved them.

Truth is in the last few days alone I’ve seen quite a few minor glitches that if I could quickly share replays as bugs perhaps you could sort them out.
Quick examples…

Mei’s cryofreeze attaching to a VERTICAL wall 20 feet above the ground instead of contesting the point.

Wrecking Ball doing a slam and getting attached to the truck on Volskaya and being stuck there as fodder for the enemy team.

That said if the Inactivity happens again, I’ll share here. - 33:55 timestamp