Remove stacking from competitive

Those groups of fresh accounts all queueing together smurfing. Being a solo player and being put with the stack that has zero smurfs against a stack of smurfs is unwinnable.

Leaving the stack to be toxic with zero smurfs, out of frustration thinking their group could do no wrong. teaming up and cyber bullying solo players on their team.

It’s never a good time playing with stacks as a solo player, please add a solo queue only competitive. Destiny 2 has freelance for competitive and trials and it’s a great addition.


Remove stacking?! Entirely?!
Get knotted! Stacking is the only thing that makes this game somewhat fun, and this is a team game after all so that would make no sense!


I am the ghost of queue times future.


as a solo queue player i really hate going against stacks too but im just a bitter player who has no friends :wink:

game should be all about queuing with your friends really. i know gm you can only queue up with duos maybe they should lower the bar to diamond? so duos only diamond and up? :man_shrugging:

If anything I think they need to bring stacking back at the top end of the game. I think the decision to get rid of it ended up hurting more than helping. There were people who abused 6 stacking in top 500 for sure, but overall I still think it was a good thing.


It made no sense to limit stacking in a literal team game honestly. I mean it’s a team game for heavens sake!


Stacking is pointless, when you know you’re going to be put against a stack of smurfs.

It would help with getting rid of people being boosted too, Valorant even did something about their smurf problem.

“A lot of smurfs typically create accounts to boost one or more players in a stack. Starting with patch 3.10, five stacking is back for anyone of any rank but with the tradeoff of earning less ranked rating. Four-stacking will not be allowed in the competitive queue as it leaves solo players at the mercy of such stacks.”

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Stacking should never, and will never, ever go away in a TEAM game, periodt.

If anything the opposite should happen.


as someone who plays role queue quickplay i do miss how you can see if your going against a group like in open queue. they said that the ui cant feature it which is lame imo since they could have fixed that long ago

i like to know if im going against a stacked group or if im in one. i usually find out in role queue quickplay if the whole enemy leaves at the same time or your 5 man stack team does and your left all by yourself till backfill. happens in paris a lot lol

How many more things are you gonna blame you not climbing on?

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All of my friends left long ago, so I honestly wouldn’t even care. It probably would improve the game, actually.


I say rather increase the levels before you enter comp. Making it level 25 made sense back when the only thing you could play aside from comp was quickplay, now there are many ways you can have fun in the game before entering comp. Let the smurfs and alt-farmers at least work it. I’d say at least level 50 before comp.

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Level 50 would not even be worth the effort to change it. I say go big or go home, let’s drop a hunnie level requirement.


My enjoyment with this game would be extinguished. The only time I play is with my friends in comp. Removing stacks won’t make the surfing problem less severe either. You’ll still get them in your games just as often.

But personally, I believe most ‘smurfs’ are just people playing on alt accounts for multiple different reasons. One could be just trying different heroes or they’re just too afraid to lose their shiny masters logo on their main. Not everyone with a low level account is throwing games and destroying low rank players for fun.

I like the way you think

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If a group on players play to together they’ll often be paired against low level accounts and win 50% of the time.

If your losing in these games it’s less likely about Smurfs but more you lack the teamwork to enable a stack.

It is very likely you don’t try cause you base how much you think a game is winnable because of boarder color.

Yea it does happen where you get matched with a bad players but until you see how well a person plays you can’t determine how winnable a game is. Getting tilted cause someone has a bronze boarder is just giving people free wins.

I feel like I lose more games when I’m in a pre-made…


Probably, almost every stack has one or more smurfs. Not only does grouping make games harder, gm’s make smurf accounts to play with friends since they can’t stack in gm.

Stacking in gm gone is a good thing though, OWL stacks farmed top 500 easy pickings. They should remove it from competitive completely though not just gm.


Playing in a team is the only thing that makes comp fun. Ranked has devolved into a solo carry hero catastrophe. I want less of that thank you

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hell yeah remove grouping up as a team in a game that was meant for playing as a team, smart